Autoclavable. Withstand temperatures to 1150°C

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Wide form crucibles include covers. Crucibles are glazed on inner and outer surfaces except for the outside bottom and rim.

Autoclavable. Withstand temperatures to 1150°C. To prevent thermal stress cracks, we strongly recommend a heating/cooling rate not exceeding 200°C per hour. United porcelain crucibles offer excellent resistance to acids and alkalies except for hydrofluoric acid.

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  • UNJCL010 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 10ml, 20mmH x 32mm top dia.
  • UNJCL020 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 20ml, 26mmH x 41mm top dia.
  • UNJCL030 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 30ml, 31mmH x 50mm top dia.
  • UNJCL050 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 50ml, 37mmH x 61mm top dia.
  • UNJCL0100 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 100ml, 46mmH x 76mm top dia.
  • UNJCL0150 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 150ml, 52mmH x 84mm top dia.
  • UNJCL0250 CRUCIBLES LOW FORM , 250ml, 60mmH x 102mm top dia.