Industrial walk-in oven

Industrial walk-in oven

Walk-In Ovens size conveniently accommodates materials handling equipment. Choice of either combination or full horizontal air flow in either rear or top mounted heat chamber configurations. Designed and constructed for long, hard, continuous use.

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For paint baking, drying, preheating, annealing or any other heat processing of large or numerous parts at temperatures to 500/650/800/750°F.

Walk-In Ovens size conveniently accommodates materials handling equipment. Choice of either combination or full horizontal air flow in either rear or top mounted heat chamber configurations. Designed and constructed for long, hard, continuous use.

Standard Features

  • Standard Truck Ovens from Grieve meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. For some applications, such as those involving flammable solvents or hazardous locations, the above organizations require additional safety devices.
  • Controls
    • Digital, microprocessor based, thermocouple actuated, indicating temperature controller
    • Modulating burner on gas ovens
    • Motor control push buttons and on-off heat switch
    • LED pilot lights
  • Safety Equipment — Electric Oven
    • Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature interlock
    • Separate heating element control contactors
    • Recirculating blower air flow safety switch
  • Safety Equipment — Gas Oven
    • Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature interlock
    • Electronic flame safeguard protection
    • Powered forced exhauster for combustion venting
    • Exhauster air flow safety switch
    • Recirculating blower air flow safety switch
    • Two pilot safety shutoff valves with leak test stations
    • Two main safety shutoff valves with leak test stations (Industrial Risks Insurers vent valve only provided on specific request)
    • Valve position indicator on main safety shutoff valves
    • Over 400,000 BTU/HR safety shutoff valve interlocked with purge timer
    • Purge timer
    • High gas pressure switch
    • Low gas pressure switch
  • Construction
    • Choice of air flow patterns
    • Adjustable opposed louvers on full coverage supply and return duct work
    • Choice of rear or top heat chamber
    • Available with doors at each end
    • Choice of floor configurations, flat plate, insulated floor, truck wheel guide tracks
    • Exceptionally heavy duty doors
    • Aluminized steel interior
    • Aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish
    • High temperature door gasket with stainless steel spring insert
    • 6 lbs/cf density industrial rockwool insulation
    • Brushed stainless steel control panel face
    • 1 year limited warranty
  • Every oven fully assembled and individually factory tested

    Standard Equipment

    All Models

    • 208 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
    • 230 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
    • 460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
    • Other electrical characteristics available

    Aluminized steel interior. Carbon steel structural members and steel plate painted with high temperature aluminum paint. Trilite Green enamel painted aluminized steel exterior.

    Two Air Flow Patterns Available

    Combination air flow for random shapes and sizes or for large bulky objects where heated air can move upward, around and through the load. Horizontal air flow for applications where heated air must move sideways to pass through a load such as trays or flat sheets. See circulation diagrams below.

    Two Oven Configurations Available

    Rear heat chamber for easy handling, low profile equipment. Top mounted heat chamber to minimize factory floor space occupied or to allow installation of doors at each end. Doors on front and rear allow for pass through operation or for loading from both ends.

    To facilitate shipping and handling, top mounted heat chamber ovens are available with removable heat chambers. These ovens are fully assembled and tested. They are then sectioned and match-marked for easy reassembly at destination by customer.

    Ovens come standard with steel plate floor and doorsill which oven doors seal against. If specified, doorsill can be eliminated and doors provided with drag seals. Up to 6' wide work space, plate floor is 1/8" thick. Wider ovens have 1/4" plate floor. Provisions for customer installed insulated floor are included. Optional factory installed insulated floor is available.

    Optional truck wheel guide tracks for loading equipment are available. Guide tracks can be installed on steel plate floor, recessed into insulated floor, or installed on top of insulated floor.

    Optional loading trucks specifically designed for use in each oven are available. Loading trucks come in shelf loading models with removable shelves or as heavy duty flat bed models with grating surface.

    Electric Models

    Each features completely wired, side access UL listed control panel enclosing terminals for incoming power, temperature controllers, push buttons and pilot lights. Motor starter and heating element contactors electrically interlocked to shut off heaters if power to blower is interrupted and to permit operation of blower without heat for cooling. Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements.

    Gas Models

    • 1,000 BTU natural gas at 6" water column pressure: 1" NPT inlet to 350,000 BTU/HR; 1-1/4" NPT to 1,200,000 BTU/HR
    • Other gas characteristics available

    Control panel as detailed above and safety devices as listed on the front of this bulletin. A 325 CFM powered forced exhauster is included up to 800,000 BTU/HR; at 1,200,000 BTU/HR a 650 CFM exhauster is included. Both exhausters have 6" outlets. Automatic pre-ignition purge period and push button electric ignition contributes to ease of operation. Modulating gas burner is protected with electronic flame safety relay.

    Circulation Diagrams (Front View)

    Air flow - Walk-In Ovens

    Combination Air Flow

    Heated air is provided from full coverage supply duct work at each side of the work space and sweeps upward through the load to a return duct at the top of the work space. Used in most shelf truck loading applications where sufficient shelf area is left open to allow vertical air movement upward through the loaded truck. Ideal for large parts placed directly on oven floor or loaded on a flat bed truck.

    Horizontal air flow - Walk-In Ovens

    Horizontal Air Flow

    Heated air is blown horizontally across the work space between full coverage duct work. For shelf truck loading applications with densely loaded shelves, solid bottom trays, or flat sheets where heated air can only pass sideways above and below each level. Also used on oven floor or loaded on a flat bed truck.

    WTH446-50048" x 48" x 72"9670" x 65" x 116"500°F3,300230350,0006"±0.3%±6°F40202,970 lbs
    WTH446-65048" x 48" x 72"9672" x 66" x 117"650°F3,300240350,0007"±0.3%±8°F45253,480 lbs
    WTH446-80048" x 48" x 72"9674" x 68" x 119"800°F4,000345350,0008"±0.3%±10°F55353,890 lbs
    WTH566-50060" x 72" x 72"18084" x 89" x 116"500°F4,200340350,0006"±0.3%±6°F40204,070 lbs
    WTH566-65060" x 72" x 72"18086" x 90" x 117"650°F4,200345350,0007"±0.3%±8°F50254,780 lbs
    WTH566-80060" x 72" x 72"18090" x 92" x 119"800°F5,000560400,0008"±0.3%±10°F50354,900 lbs
    WTH586-50060" x 96" x 72"24084" x 113" x 116"500°F6,000545350,0006"±0.3%±6°F40254,335 lbs
    WTH586-65060" x 96" x 72"24086" x 114" x 117"650°F6,000560400,0007"±0.3%±8°F45305,145 lbs
    WTH586-80060" x 96" x 72"24092" x 116" x 129"800°F7,800580600,0008"±0.3%±10°F50356,505 lbs
    WTH666-50072" x 72" x 78"234100" x 89" x 122"500°F6,000545350,0006"±0.3%±6°F40254,330 lbs
    WTH666-65072" x 72" x 78"234102" x 90" x 123"650°F6,000560400,0007"±0.3%±8°F45305,140 lbs
    WTH666-80072" x 72" x 78"234108" x 92" x 135"800°F7,800580600,0008"±0.3%±10°F50356,495 lbs
    WTH686-50072" x 96" x 78"312100" x 113" x 132"500°F7,800560400,0006"±0.3%±6°F40256,830 lbs
    WTH686-65072" x 96" x 78"312102" x 114" x 133"650°F7,800580600,0007"±0.3%±8°F45257,145 lbs
    WTH686-80072" x 96" x 78"312108" x 116" x 135"800°F10,0007 ½100700,0008"±0.3%±10°F50308,475 lbs
    WTH6106-50072" x 120" x 78"390100" x 137" x 132"500°F10,0007 ½80600,0006"±0.3%±6°F35207,605 lbs
    WTH6106-65072" x 120" x 78"390102" x 138" x 133"650°F10,0007 ½100700,0007"±0.3%±8°F35257,820 lbs
    WTH6106-80072" x 120" x 78"390108" x 140" x 135"800°F12,50010120800,0008"±0.3%±10°F45359,355 lbs
    WTH6126-50072" x 144" x 78"468104" x 161" x 132"500°F12,5001080600,0006"±0.3%±6°F40258,700 lbs
    WTH6126-65072" x 144" x 78"468106" x 162" x 133"650°F12,50010100700,0007"±0.3%±8°F45309,015 lbs
    WTH6126-80072" x 144" x 78"468112" x 164" x 145"800°F17,50015120800,0008"±0.3%±10°F554011,090 lbs
    WTH688-50072" x 96" x 96"384104" x 113" x 150"500°F10,0007 ½80600,0006"±0.3%±6°F30206,995 lbs
    WTH688-65072" x 96" x 96"384106" x 114" x 151"650°F10,0007 ½100700,0007"±0.3%±8°F35257,310 lbs
    WTH787-50084" x 96" x 84"392116" x 113" x 138"500°F10,0007 ½80600,0006"±0.3%±6°F35208,205 lbs
    WTH787-65084" x 96" x 84"392118" x 114" x 139"650°F10,0007 ½100700,0007"±0.3%±8°F40258,615 lbs
    WTH7107-50084" x 120" x 84"490116" x 137" x 138"500°F12,5001080600,0006"±0.3%±6°F40259,285 lbs
    WTH7107-65084" x 120" x 84"490118" x 138" x 139"650°F12,50010100700,0007"±0.3%±8°F45309,600 lbs
    WTH7127-50084" x 144" x 84"588120" x 157" x 148"500°F17,50015100700,0006"±0.3%±6°F402511,110 lbs
    WTH7127-65084" x 144" x 84"588122" x 162" x 149"650°F17,500151401,200,0007"±0.3%±8°F402511,540 lbs
    WTH8108-50096" x 120" x 96"640136" x 137" x 160"500°F17,50015120800,0006"±0.3%±6°F352511,245 lbs
    WTH8108-65096" x 120" x 96"640138" x 138" x 161"650°F17,500151601,200,0007"±0.3%±8°F352511,860 lbs
    WTH8128-50096" x 144" x 96"768140" x 161" x 170"500°F24,500201401,200,0006"±0.3%±6°F352513,500 lbs
    WTH8128-65096" x 144" x 96"768142" x 162" x 171"650°F24,500201801,200,0007"±0.3%±8°F352514,215 lbs