• Riffle-type Sample Splitter

Riffle-type Sample Splitter

With Removable Hopper

Riffle-type sample splitters divide or halve dry materials such as cement, gravel, powdered ores, coal, coke, sand, soils, etc.

Material poured into hopper is divided into two equal portions by two series of chutes that discharge alternately in opposite directions into separate pans. Supporting stand is cold-rolled steel.

Models are one-piece stainless steel construction. Includes cold-rolled steel pans, scoop and cleaning brush. Meets ASTM B215, C136, C702, C778, D421, D424, D457, D806, AASHTO T27, T144, T248.

Cat. No. Description Chute Width No. of Chutes Hopper Size" SW lbs.
HU3980-000 Sample Splitter 1/2" 12 8.5 x 1 in. 15
HU3985-000 Sample Splitter 3/4" 12 8.5 x 14 in. 21