• Triaxial - Two-Part Compaction Mold

Triaxial - Two-Part Compaction Mold

Two-part Aluminum molds with easy-close band clamp closure. Base plate/Pedestal combination provides a stable platform for mold during production. Ratio of sample height to diameter is 2:1

Two-Part Compaction Molds

Sample Mold Base Plate
1.4" HM-3817.14 HM.3817.14BP
1.5" HM-3817.15 HM-3817.15BP
1.875" HM-3817.18 HM-3817.18BP
2.0" HM-3817.20 HM-3817.20BP
2.36" HM-3817.23 HM-3817.23BP
2.5" HM-3817.25 HM-3817.25BP
2,8" HM-3817.28 HM-3817.28BP
4.0" HM-3817.40 HM-3817.40BP
6.0" HM-3817.60 HM-3817.60BP
35 mm HM-3817.35 HM-3817.35BP
38 mm HM-3817.38 HM-3817.38BP
50 mm HM-3817.50 HM-3817.50BP
70 mm HM-3817.70 HM-3817.70BP
100 mm HM-3817.100 HM-3817.100BP
150 mm HM-3817.150 HM-3817.150BP