• Mercury Free Glass Thermometer

Mercury Free Glass Thermometer

  • BE60700X00

Mercury free, these thermometers feature blue organic liquid fill against lead-free white back glass.

Traceable to NIST, individually serialized. Ideal for use in chemical laboratories, universities, scientific institutions, food and beverage processing, petrochemical laboratories, pharmaceutical/medical industry, dairies, breweries and distilleries. Include multi-language (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish) Statement of Accuracy and Traceability.

Catalog No.: H-B No. Range Divisions Accuracy Length
Partial Immersion: 50mm (2”)
BE60700100 3/2110 -10/110°C 1°C ±1.5°C 200mm (7.9”)
BE60700200 3/2150 -10/150°C 1°C ±1.5°C, ±2°C above 110°C 200mm (7.9”)
Partial Immersion: 76mm (3”)
BE60700300 3/2050 -35/50°C 1°C ±1.5°C 300mm (12”)
BE60700400 3/0110 -20/110°C 1°C ±1.5°C 300mm (12”)
BE60700500 3/0150 -20/150°C 1°C ±1.5°C; ±2°C above 110°C 300mm (12”)
BE60700600 3/0120 -40/120°F 2°F ±3°F 300mm (12”)
BE60700700 3/0230 0/230°F 2°F ±3°F 300mm (12”)
BE60700800 3/0300 0/300°F 2°F ±3°F; ±4°F above 200°F 300mm (12”)
BE60700900 3/0260 -10/260°C 1°C ±2°C; ±2.5°C above 110°C; ±3°C above 200°C; ±3.5°C above 230°C 350mm (14”)
BE607001000 3/0500 20/500°F 2°F ±4°F; ±5°F above 230°F; ±6°F above 392°F; ±7°F above 446°F 350mm (14”)
Total Immersion
BE607001100 3/3110 -10/110°C 1°C ±1.5°C 200mm (7.9”)
BE607001200 3/3150 -10/150°C 1°C ±1.5°C; ±2°C above 110°C 200mm (7.9”)
BE607001300 3/1050 -35/50°C 1°C ±1.5°C 300mm (12”)
BE607001400 3/1110 -20/110°C 1°C ±1.5°C 300mm (12”)
BE607001500 3/1150 -20/150°C 1°C ±1.5°C; ±2°C above 110°C 300mm (12”)
BE607001600 3/1120 -40/120°F 2°F ±3°F; ±6°F below -31°F 300mm (12”)
BE607001700 3/1230 0/230°F 2°F ±3°F 300mm (12”)
BE607001800 3/1300 0/300°F 2°F ±3°F; ±4°F above 230°F 300mm (12”)
BE607001900 3/1225 -10/225°C 1°C ±2°C; ±2.5°C above 110°C; ±3°C above 200°C 350mm (14”)