• Oil, Chemicals and Solvents Barrel Pumps

Oil, Chemicals and Solvents Barrel Pumps

  • GEN200TS-0 - GENDB831-1

Safety Pumps

Comes complete with internal flame arrestor, steel bung adaptor to aid static grounding and heavy duty bonding wires to remove hazardous static charge.

Pumps 8 oz. per stroke, designed to fit 45-gallon drums.

Weight: 5 lbs.


FM Approved for handling flammables

Steel pickup tube with internal screen keeps debris out of pump.

Constructed of highly polished carbon steel with Teflon® piston, packing and gasket for exceptional chemical and solvent resistance.

Also available in stainless steel for corrosive flammable liquids.


Cat No.  
GEN200TS-0 Chemicals and Solvents Pump
GENDB831-1 Oil Pump