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    RockSchmidt rock testing applicationsRockSchmidt core testing and massive rockRockSchmidt tunnel boring machinesRockSchmidt Extremely durable, optimized for fieldwork.RockSchmidt core testing of massive rock.RockSchmidt Rebound Hammer

RockSchmidt Rebound Hammer

  • Automated working
  • N and L versions
  • Extremely durable

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The RockSchmidt is adapted specifically for rock testing applications and penetration rate prediction for tunnel boring machines and rotary drum cutters.


Correlation to the unconfined compressive strength of rock / Estimation of weathering grade / Estimation of modulus of elasticity of rock.

 User experience - Automated working with ASTM and ISRM standards. 

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_Versatility.svgVersatility - N and L versions for core testing and massive rock.

/Media/Brand/New%20Web%20Icons/Web%20Icons_21-10-20_User%20Experience.svgReliability - Extremely durable, optimized for fieldwork.

Software for Software / Workspace App - Tech Specs

Integrated digital display
400 series of 10 measurements
Report Generation
Using RockLink PC software included
Pc Software
RockLink for data assessment and export to third party software

RockSchmidt Tech SpecsSensor - Tech Specs

Impact Energy
2.207 Nm (N),0.735 Nm (L)
Compressive Strength Range
20 to 150 MPa Unconfined (or Uniaxial) Compressive Strength (UCS)
Impact angle independent
Series validity checked automatically
Delete impacts
Select units
Create custom curves
Create custom curve databases for different rock types
Report Generation
Using RockLink PC software included
Instrument Firmware
 Custom curves
Correlation to UCS
Correlation to E-modulus
Weathering according to ISRM
Rebound according to ASTM and ISRM
Single button programming of settings