• Handheld Digital Tachometers

Handheld Digital Tachometers


Our NEW DT-207LR tachometers incorporate laser technology yet retain our hallmark rugged construction and reliable quality components; both offer incredible value and versatility as they perform non-contact and contact applications via the included contact adapter. We’re confident you’ll agree that these fine units are the most advanced handheld tachometers on the market! One year warranty.


  • Sophisticated laser beam detection
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Length and rate functions
  • Multi-mode speed selection
  • Broad speed range (up to 99,999 RPM)
  • Hardy aluminum construction
  • Large 5 digit display
  • Expansive 10 test memory capacity (selectable to 5 minutes or more)
  • LExtended battery life (40 hours)
  • Free N.I.S.T. certificate



  • Safely allows RPM detection in hard- to-reach or dangerous areas
  • Assures reliable measurement results
  • Offer expanded measurement capabilities
  • 10 selections allow optimum versatility
  • Covers a wide range of applications
  • Assures maintenance-free performance for many years
  • Numbers are easily readable
  • Stores last/min/max readings for thorough equipment/process inspection
  • Advanced power management for longer operating times/increased productivity
  • Permits easy compliance with regulations
  • Compliant with applicable EU directives