• Mason Jars

Mason Jars

These resilient PP Mason Jars are perfect for industrial waste sampling and a multitude of laboratory uses. They have standard 70mm, G-threaded necks, and translucent walls. Cap and jar are autoclavable.

Be sure to completely loosen cap when autoclaving. Isolate and ship forensic samples in these highly protective containers. Jars fit the Mytivac® vacuum extractor for fluid evacuation or pressure dispensing in automotive applications.

  • Separate silicone gasketing ring in lid
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Grip lugs for leverage in tightening top
  • Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)
  • Extra Large, Heavy Duty and Leak Proof Design


Ordering Informations
Cat. No. Description
BEF10913-0 Mason Jars, 1/2 liter (1pt) 3" dia. x 5.3" h, pqt/6
BEF10914-0 Mason Jars, 1 liters (1qt)  4" dia. x 7.0" h, pqt/6
BEF10915-0 Mason Jars, 2 liters (1/2gal) 5" dia. x 8.3" h, pqt/3
BEF10916-0 Mason Jars, 4 liters (1 gal) 6" dia. x 11" h, pqt/2