Materials Testing
    Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

200KN, Dual Column, Floor type

  • QC-502B1
  • Precise drive system
  • LCD screen with back light
  • Set test speed, direction, stop mode

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  • Various test types : this tester can measure stress, strain, elongation, tear strength, peel strength, shear strength, yield point, elastic modulus etc. Could memorize 50 set testing data.
  • LCD screen with back light : shows both force and displacement units are selectable.
  • Set test speed, direction, stop mode. After setting, simply press one button to start testing. Could set auto return after finishing test. Grips are quickly changed.
  • Various Ports : connect with printer and export data directly. Or control UTM, display curves or data analysis with software on the UTM.
  • Precise drive system : servo motor drive, dual ball screw, timing belt, etc.
  • Protection : Up and down limit protection, emergency stop, over load protection, over stroke protection.

Optional accessories

  • QC-TECH B1 Software
  • Grips
  • Extensometer QC-515, QC-558
  • PC
Max. Capacity200KN (20,000 kgf)
Force resolution1/10000
Stroke (w/o grips)800 mm
Travel resolution0.005 mm
Speed0.2~250 mm/min
Testing Space550 mm
Weight900 kg
Power supply3 Ø 200~240 V AC,15A