qTOWER³ Series - Real-Time Thermal CyclersqTOWER³ Series - Real-Time Thermal Cyclers

Real-Time Thermal Cyclers

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qTOWER³ Series
Real-Time Thermal Cyclers

  • Powerful – ideal real-time PCR signals
  • Unrivaled – fast and precise results
  • Flexible – open platform for plasticware and reagents
  • Practical – easier and universal operating concept
  • Versatile – 96 or 384 well formats

Outstanding performance – qTOWER³

  • Patented fiber optic system for ideal real-time PCR signals
  • Market-leading temperature control
  • Six-position filter module system capable of up to six-fold channel multiplexing
  • Exceptional gradient technology: 0.1 °C to 40 °C across 12 columns utilizing the Linear Gradient Tool
  • qPCRsoft package for easy control and operation of the thermal cycler

The top performer among real-time thermal cyclers

The qTOWER3 utilizes eight individual light fibers capable of scanning an entire plate in only six seconds and eliminating the need for a passive reference. State-of-the-art block heating technology and temperature homogeneity across all wells is guaranteed with a gold coated silver block. These high-performance attributes combine to reduce the number of repeat analyses while increasing analysis speeds and significantly reducing cost per sample.

qTOWER³ Product Family – qPCR Your Way

The qTOWER³ product family of real-time thermal cyclers guarantees well-founded results with 12 color, FRET, and protein modules available to expand the qTOWER³’s capabilities as your research evolves. These real time thermal cyclers require no periodic calibration or maintenance for the life of the system and come with a market-leading 10-year optical warranty and 3-year warranty for the remainder of the system. All qTOWER³ models are available as a standalone system with a 10” touchscreen or as a computer-controlled system. The small 10.8" x 10.8” footprint makes it ideal for any lab.


Thermal cyclers for real-time PCR

High-performance systems for standard applications using real-time PCR, with an optional gradient function.

qTOWER³ touch and qTOWER³ G touch

Thermocyclers for real-time PCR with a touch screen

High-performance systems with easy-to-use touchscreens for standard applications using real-time PCR, with an optional gradient function.

qTOWER³ 84

Thermocyclers for high-throughput real-time PCR

High-performance systems for high-throughput applications using real-time PCR in a 384-sample multiwell format.

qTOWER³ Product FamilyqTOWER³qTOWER³ GqTOWER³ touchqTOWER³ G touchqTOWER³ 84qTOWER³ 84 G
Order info.Base unit incl. Color module 1Base unit
Sample blockSilver sample block with gold coatingAluminum block with special alloy
Block capacity96 wells in 0.2 ml format384 wells
Reaction volume5 - 100 μl2 - 30 μl (5 - 20 μl recommended)
HeatingMax. 8 °C/sMax. 4 °C/s
CoolingMax. 6 °C/sMax. 2 °C/s
Temperature uniformity55 °C ± 0.15 °C after 15 sec
Gradient--0.1 °C - 40 °C over 12 columns Linear Gradient Tool--0.1 °C - 40 °C over 12 columns Linear Gradient Tool--0.1 °C - 24 °C over 24 columns Linear Gradient Tool
ControlqPCRsoft package for PC0.1 °C - 40 °C over 12 columns Linear Gradient Tool0.1 °C - 24 °C over 24 columns Linear Gradient Tool
Filter configurationFlexible filter configuration: 6 positions in the device