• Polarimeter


  • - P1000-LED

The P1000-LED polarimeter is a simple and robust device for basic applications in the lab and for training.

It operates according to the half-shade principle and the reading takes place via an eyepiece and two noniuses.The P1000-LED features a high-quality metal stand and a sample chamber for tubes of up to 220 mm length. The LED diodes last about 500 times longer than conventional sodium lamps, making this a highly economical alternative. It is equipped with a swivel-mounted cover, polarizer and analyzer and the delivery includes accessories.



Measuring range 2 semi-circles (0-180º)
Glass tubes 100 and 200 mm
Scale division
Reading precision 0.05° (with nonius)
Light source LED
Dimensions in cm 14.0 x 33.0 x 50.0
Weight 4.3 kg