• Ozone Sensor

Ozone Sensor

The Eco Sensors Model A-21ZX portable ozone sensor provides a reliable and inexpensive way of checking generators, valves, piping and general environments for ozone leaks and for estimating ozone levels.

It can be used as a permanent monitor indoors when concentrations average below .1 ppm. It may be used outdoors for ozone studies in moderate temperature conditions.


  • Small size and high sensitivity
  • Ease of calibration and service
  • Instant On
  • Very simple operation
Range 0-10 ppm; sensitivity as low as .02 ppm
Display Digital readout in .01 ppm increments
Measurement principle HMOS (heated metal oxide semiconductor) sensor
Size 50 × 100 × 25 mm (2 × 4 × 1 in)
Weight 170 grams (6 oz)
Power requirements 12 VDC unregulated; AC adapters available worldwide
Battery Rechargeable batteries last more than 8 hours