Ensemble d'échantillonnage de boues et sédiments multidegrés

Ensemble d'échantillonnage de boues et sédiments multidegrés

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This sampling kit provides all of the components needed to collect sludge and sediment samples up to 4' in length.

The 12'' base section and three extension sections allow you to assemble a sampler that is 12'', 24'', 36'', or 48'' in length. It also comes with three 4' extensions that allow you to deploy the sampler through 12' of water before reaching the sediment.

The kit includes all of the components of the multi-stage sludge & sediment sampler (page 58),12'' multi-stage base section, three 12'' multi-stage extension sections, 2'' multi-stage core tip, 2'' multi-stage valved core tip, three 4' extensions, 2'' x 12'' OD plastic liner, two

2'' end caps, 2'' core catcher, universal slip wrench, two crescent wrenches, 18'' rubber-coated cross handle, slide hammer, and deluxe carrying case. The top cap, core tip, valved core tip, multi-stage sampler, multi-stage extension sections, and extensions are made of stainless steel.