Transmetteur de gaz Industriel

Transmetteur de gaz Industriel

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The AST-I series of analog transmitters are high quality, industrial, dual beam, referenced transmitters with miniature infrared sensors, analog output and water / dust tight, corrosion resistant, non-metallic enclosures.

The AST-ICD detects carbon dioxide (CO2) with a choice of one of three different ranges. The AST-IHC detects hydrocarbon - methane (CH4). The AST-INI detects nitrous oxide (N2O) up to 1,000 ppm range.

Care should be taken to not spray the sensor head. The sensor vent opening has a microporous PTFE filte attached which provides splash protection only, it is not designed to provide protection from the application of pressurized water.



  • Low power consumption
  • Dual temperature compensated pyroelectric infrared detectors
  • Fast response with accurate low-level gas detection
  • Long sensor life
  • Water / dust tight / corrosion resistant polycarbonate enclosure
  • Linear analog (4-20 mA) output
  • Target gases include CO2, Hydrocarbons (including Methane),Nitrous Oxide
  • RoHS compliant circuit boards



Gas TypeCarbon Dioxide (CO2)    
Hydrocarbon gases (HC): including Methane (CH4)    
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
MechanicalAST-ICD, AST-IHC & AST-INI Industrial Analog TransmittersEnclosure:    Water/dust tight, corrosion resistant polycarbonate
Weight:    255 g (9 oz)
4.9" x 4.9" x 2.9" (125 mm x 125 mm x 74 mm)
ElectricalPower RequirementPower Requirement:    24 VDC nominal (12 - 30 VDC) (polarity protected) 5 W maximum
Current Draw70 - 100 mA
OutputsLinear 4 - 20 mA analog (10 bit resolution with current limit)
Fuse500 mA anti-surge in-line fuse for supplied power
EnvironmentalOperating Temperature-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Humidity0 - 95% RH non-condensing