Sonde pour profilage

Sonde pour profilage

Humidité et température

  • Élimine le besoin de plusieurs capteurs et systèmes de câblage.
  • S'installe rapidement et facilement sans excavation.
  • Une adresse SDI-12 est utilisée pour lire tous les segments

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GroPoint™ Profile provides cost-effective measurement of volumetric water content over multiple depths using a single probe, eliminating the cumbersome excavation required for multiple sensors placed at different depths.

It can be deployed in irrigation-sensitive zones to enable full control of precision irrigation needs, providing an understanding of water movement through the soil.

The sleek, lightweight design installs quickly with minimal soil disruption using a pilot rod and slide hammer tool. Designed for vertical installation, the sensor takes measurements over multiple soil layers, with each measurement zone (segment) providing the average volumetric soil moisture content over a 15 cm range (approximately 6 inches).

The Most Accurate and Cost-Effective Soil Profiling Solution Available

  • Eliminates need for multiple sensors and cabling systems.
  • Installs quickly and easily without excavating.
  • One SDI-12 address is used to read all segments, providing for simplified installations. Optional RS-485 output.
  • Moisture readings can be user-calibrated with 3rd-order polynomials to meet custom requirements.
  • Low power requirements—suitable for remote, autonomous applications.
  • Patented TDT5 technology for scientific-grade accuracy and excellent long-term stability of measurements.
  • Fully potted electronics for excellent durability.

Measurement range0% to 100% of VMC
Accuracy1.0% *
Measurement range-20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
OutputSDI-12 V1.3 (RS485 optional)
ConnectionBare wire (optional 4 pin, IP66/IP68 rated environmental connector)
Input voltage6 to 14 VDC max. 18 VDC
Current consumption6 to 14 VDC max. 18 VDC
Current consumptionQuiescent: <0.5mA
Active: 15-20 mA (depending on number of segments) for 100 mS
Warm-up time on power up1 second
Operating temperature-20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage temperature-40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
LengthEach segment is approximately 15 cm (5.9") long. Total length is the number of segments multiplied by 15 cm. For example, a 3-segment probe is about 45cm long.
Probe weight2 segments: 292 g (10.3 oz.)
3 segments: 351 g (12.4 oz.)
4 segments: 408 g (14.4 oz.)
5 segments: 468 g (16.5 oz.)
6 segments: 526 g (18.6 oz.)
8 segments: 642 g (22.6 oz.)
Cable weight38 g per m (0.42 oz. per foot)
Standard cable5 m (16.3 ft.)
4xAWG22 dual-shielded, twisted pair, rated for direct burial
Warranty1-year limited parts and labour