• Anémomètre pour grue avec clignotant et alarme

Anémomètre pour grue avec clignotant et alarme

  • IED - SAG 105 WR

Wind speed sensor with sound and light alarm especially designed to meet ITC MIE-AEM-2 requirements on elevating and maintenance apparatus regulations, regarding tower cranes in construction work and other applications.

The long and successful career of our previous model, the SAG-04 assure the quality of this new model, backed by the 2 year guarantee offered with this new model. Supplied pre-wired and attached with magnets, this model offers maximum installation ease and speed. Its shape allows the air to flow around it without creating turbulence. The magnetic sensor makes it possible for the wind speed signal to arrive inside the unit without breaking the seal.

  • Compact
  • Watertight
  • Heavy-duty
  • Aesthetic
  • Reliable
  • Low-cost
  • Tropicalized
  • Extremely simple installation
  • Supplied with clamps and magnets
  • Factory pre-wired at 48, 115, 230 or 400 VAC
  • 4 selectable trigger levels for the alarm and the pre-alarm
  • Conceived for use in construction work: able to withstand rough treatment
  • Wind tunnel tests carried out on 100% of units
  • Optional individual certificate (as an option)
  • Exclusive sensor design achieves watertightness without seals
  • Patented


The unit works to the guidelines set out by the ITC MIE-AME-2, enabling an intermittent pre-alarm at 50 km/h and a continuous alarm at 70 km/h. The unit includes the possibility of reducing alarm trigger values to increase safety (see table 1). The pre-alarm intermittently enables a yellow light and a siren and only goes off when the wind speed is between the relevant values (typically between 50 and 70 km/h or between the values chosen from table 1). The continuous alarm enables a red light and the siren. This alarm is triggered when its value is exceeded (typically 70 km/h) and disabled when the unit supply is cut off, as required by some regional standards. This alarm interlock is configurable (see table 1). The installation of the unit on the crane is reduced to a minimum and only requires mechanical attachment using clamps or magnets and the electrical connection to the cabinet. The unit is supplied wired with 3x1.5, 1000 V wire cable in accordance with Low Voltage Regulations at the required voltage rating: 48, 115, 230 or 400 VAC. The production process of the SAG-105 unit concludes with wind tunnel tests for 100% of units, assuring a high level of reliability. All design and production processes comply with the ISO 9001 standard.

Delivery options


Other options

Wind tunnel calibration certificate  All units are checked in a wind tunnel. Individual certificates are available as an option.
Radio or cable communications  Particularly suitable to view wind speed on the remote control.
Relay outputs  To trigger other mechanisms or alarm signals.
We do not recommend automatically cutting off power supply to the crane when the alarm is triggered, as this could overload certain crane parts.


Technical caracteristics

Power supply  Self adjustable power supply  Sound power level  115 dB
Power consumption  6 W (0,5 VA at stand-by) Luminous intensity yellow  > 100 cd
Operating temperature -20 to 60 °C (ice-free)  Luminous intensity red  > 80 cd
IP protection level IP55  Magnet holding power  > 90 kg
Dimensions  195 x 150 x 270 mm  Sensor range  0 to 200 km/h
Weight  3 kg (with cable)    


Adjustement of the values of alarm and pre-alarm


Technical caracteristics