Jauge de mesure pour la densité de la neige

Jauge de mesure pour la densité de la neige

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  • P5000-0000

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For Measuring Water Content of Snow

Currently used by the National Weather Service, this gage is useful in predicting how much water will accumulate in flood-prone areas when snow melts.

The fiberglas tube is 5 ft. long, 3 inches O.D. by 2.8 inches I.D. A specially constructed stainless steel serrated cutter with an I. D. of 2.655 inches is fitted to one end of the tube. These inside dimensions are scaled to measure accurately in inches of water. The tube is graduated on the outside from 0 to 60 inches in 1 inch divisions and numbered every 5 inches.

This tube is supplied with a removable wooden dowel handle which may be used for turning. The cutting edge of the tube is protected by a cork, which fits into the cutter when not in use.The spring scale incorporates precision springs which are temperature compensated and is specially calibrated to read directly in inches of water. The scale is equipped with a brass cradle for weighing the fiberglas tube.

Instruction for use

Note the weight of the empty fiberglas tube with cutting edge, but without cork. Insert the tube to the maximum depth of the snow to be measured and make note of the depth as indicated by the outside graduations. Withdraw the tube from the snow and place horizontally on the cradle of the scale and weigh. The difference between the weight of the tube filled with snow and the weight of the empty tube represents the equivalent water content of the snow, reading in inches of water.


Cat. No.Description
P5000-0000Snow Density Gauge complete with scale, graduated fiberglass tube with cutter, dowel handle and protection cork (english end metric units)