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The 260-2500 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges are dependable instruments used for measuring precipitation.

Rainfall entering the 8" or 12" funnel collector is directed to the tipping bucket assembly. When an incremental amount of precipitation has been collected, the bucket assembly tips and activates a magnetic reed switch. The sample is discharged through the base of the gauge. A momentary electrical contact closure is provided for each increment of rainfall. This contact closure is used to operate an event recorder or other data acquisition system. A level is provided on the base for correct positioning of the unit. The unit is manufactured of anodized aluminum and powder coated aluminum. The funnel has a screen to prevent debris from entering the gauge. It is shipped complete with mounting brackets and 25' of cable.

Cat. No. Description
NO260-2500  8" Rain Gauge, 0.01"/tip
NO260-2500M  8" Rain Gauge, 1 mm/tip
NO260-2500M.25  8" Rain Gauge, 0.25 mm/tip
NO260-2500M.5 8" Rain Gauge, 0.5 mm/tip
NO260-2500E  8" Heated Rain Gauge, 0.01"/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500ME 8" Heated Rain Gauge, 1 mm/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500ME25  8" Heated Rain Gauge, 0.25 mm/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2600ME5  8" Heated Rain Gauge, 0.5 mm/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500-12  12" Rain Gauge, 0.01"/tip
NO260-2500M12  12" Rain Gauge, 0.25 mm/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500E12  12" Heated Rain Gauge, 0.01"/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500ME12 12" Heated Rain Gauge, 0.25 mm/tip, 115 Vac
NO260-2500H  Heater Kit for 8" 260-2500, 115 Vac
NO260-2500H-12  Heater Kit for 12" 260-2500-12, 115 Vac
NO260-2500HC25  25' Add'l Heater Cable (50' total)
NO260-2500HC75  75' Add'l Heater Cable (100' total)
NO330-0220  Additional Signal Cable, per foot
NO260-950  Rain Gauge Mounting Plate
NO260-952  Precipitation Gauge Wind Screen
NO260-955  Wind Screen Mounting Kit
NO260-2103 Rain Logger with display
NO195-BHW-lite Software lite
NO110WS16TM  Tripod (5') & Sensor Mast (5')
Capacity  Unlimited
Orifice  260-2500: 8" (20 cm)
260-2500-12: 12" (30 cm)
Calibration 0.01", 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, 1 mm
Accuracy  ±1% at 2"/hr
Output  0.1 second switch closure
Contact rating  3 watts, 0.25 amps, 24 Vdc
Size  260-2500: 8" x 17"
260-2500-12: 12" x 20"
Weight/Shipping  260-2500: 7 lb/12 lb
260-2500-12: 14 lb/18 lb