• Anémomètre minier de poche

Anémomètre minier de poche

  • Antidéflagrant
  • Facile à utiliser
  • Aucun étalonnage

The PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer is the second generation of our battery-powered electronic anemometer for use in underground mining.

The PMA-2008 makes taking ventilation readings even easier than before!
Enhancements make the PMA-2008 Anemometer better … Audible signal lets you know when the 60-second count has started, counting and ends. The LCD display can be programmed to read in metric mode in seconds.

  • Simple Two-Push Button Control … Rubber-covered push buttons on the PMA-2008 allow you to switch between two modes, and start and stop readings. An instantaneous, feet-per-minute readout can be selected, or a timed 60-second count of feet-of-air. The PMA-2008 Anemometer can also be user programmed to read in metric.
  • Leave Your Wristwatch On Top … The PMA-2008 includes a 60-second count of feet-of-air. Simply walk the PMA-2008 across the entry and it automatically stops counting feet-of-air after 60 seconds. The count can be stopped for a partial reading. An audible alarm informs you when the count starts, stops and at 15-second intervals.
  • Quick Spot Checks … With the PMA-2008 in the instantaneous feet-per-minute mode, you can check air speeds behind line curtains, on longwall faces, over conveyor belts, anywhere you need to verify airflow.
  • Not Just Dustproof–Waterproof…The PMA-2008 will hold up in the mining environment. The unit can be submerged in water and, if dropped into a puddle or sump, will float.
  • No Calibration…There are no adjustments or calibration required with the PMA-2008. Accuracy of the readings is dependent on a user replaceable impeller. After approximately 6 months of use, the impeller assembly is slid out of the PMA-2008 housing and a new one is inserted in seconds. This assures precise readings with the PMA-2008.
  • Take Your Leather Pouch Off Your Tool Belt… Every PMA-2008 Pocket Anemometer comes with its own storage case and braided lanyard. A padded nylon carrying case with room for a replacement battery and impeller is an available option. Free up some space on your tool belt and put your old anemometer and leather pouch in the mining museum!




Our Mk7 Lasers have been specifically designed for the demanding conditions
that exist in tunnels, mines, and drifts. We offer three models with usable ranges
of 750-1500', including two MSHA-approved Type S models. Optional
accessories, such as our XY Mount and Fan Lens, fit the Mk7 to most projects.
Pre-aligned spad hooks, single switch and battery power make
our Mk7s portable and easy to use.

The PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer is a battery-operated, electronic anemometer small enough to fit into a shirt pocket. Dustproof and waterproof, it can provide quick readings of airflow up to 9999 FPM or 9999 M/S in its metric mode. No adjustments or calibrations required. Each PMA-2008 Anemometer comes with its own storage case and braided lanyard. The PMA-2008 Anemometer is second version of our anemometer that has become the standard for taking airflow readings in gassy environments. The device is approved as intrinsically safe by MSHA for use in gassy atmospheres.

The M-R-A MINE RESCUE ALARM is the smallest, lightest and loudest rescue alarm available. Manually activate or use the motion function to automatically alert to inactivity.

The LITE TRACKER offers continuous, flashing or strobing lights for instant recognition of the wearer. Different colors allow for distinctive coding for personnel or underground features such as man doors and emergency caches. Both are MSHA approved as intrinsically safe for use in gassy atmospheres.

MPS Talentum sensors provide fast response to spark or flame, while rejecting radiation from warm objects. The use of proprietary photocells and sophisticated processing allows for accurate, reliable detection in various conditions, and results in a high tolerance to dust and condensation. Utilizing IR, UV, or a suitable combination, sensors are available for a wide range of applications.

Our Precision Beam Deflectors are used to redirect the beam of any laser when guiding in a curved tunnel drive, decreasing the necessity of laser movements. They utilize a pair of high quality, matched optical prisms to control a laser beam deflection. The Beam Deflector will deflect the beam up to a maximum of 15 degrees to a new chord point on the tunnel curve.
Operating Modes Moving 3-second average speed mode and timed, 60-second linear feet or meters mode. Units: Speed mode; feet per minute (fpm), meters per second [m/s]. Linear feet mode; feet (ft), meters [m]
On-Axis Accuracy greater of ± 3% of reading or ± least significant digit
Off-Axis Response -1% @ 5°, 2% @ 10°, -3% @ 15°
Calibration Drift <1% after 100 hours use at 1400 fpm [9.5 m/s]
Minimum Speed 60 fpm, [0.4 m/s]
Maximum Speed 9999 fpm, [9999 m/s], display limit
Type Reflective, 4 digit, 0.36 in. [9 mm] digit height.
Resolution and Range Speed Mode; resolution 1 feet per minute. (fpm), 1 meter per second [m/s], range of 9999 feet per minute (fpm), meters per second [m/s]. Linear Feet Mode; resolution 1 foot (ft), meter [m], range 9999 feet (ft), meters [m].
Update 1 second
Other Functions
Buttons Three sealed tactile rubber buttons control all functions.
Auto Shutdown 30 minutes after last button press.
Battery User-replaceable CR2032 coin cell. Typical life of 300 hrs.
Sealing Electronics enclosure IP67- water resistant to 3 ft. [1 m]. Floats
Shock Drop tested to 6 ft. [2 m].
Operating Temperature LCD and batteries, 0°F. to 130°F. [-18°C to 55°C]. Readings may be taken beyond these temperatures by exposing unit for minimum time necessary to take and record measurement.
Storage Temperature Recommended -22°F to 140°F [-30°C to 60°C].
Impeller 1 in. [25 mm] diameter, sapphire bearings. User-replaceable.
Case Slip-on case prevents damage to display and moving parts.
Dimensions Unit, 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.7 in. [122 x 42 x 18 mm]; Case, 4.8 x 1.9 x 1.1 in. [122 x 48 x 28 mm]; Lanyard, 10 in. [0.5 m].
Weight Unit, 2.3 oz. [65g.]; Case, 1.3 oz. [37g.]