Capteur de turbidité

Capteur de turbidité

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The ANALITE NEP-5000 ISO7027 90°series of digital turbidity probes are designed for monitoring and process applications where ultimate sensor flexibility is a consideration.

This probe offers a multitude of physical sensor variations, with the further benefit of a PC interface that allows the user to easily Calibrate, Modify Range modes, and adjust sensor output modes and data characterization. ANALITE NEP-5000 is the completely customizable turbidity probe that can be ordered to the end user’s particular needs. All the benefits of a custom solution at a very competitive price*.

The standard NEP-5000 can be ordered in several custom variations:

  • Wiping and non-wiping
  • Several outer case material options
  • Glanded Cable or Marine Connector / Cable
  • 90° or 180° backscatter for High NTU applications
  • With temperature and/or pressure

The ANALITE PC Configurator allows:

  • Fast Accurate Calibration
  • Compensation tools
  • Adjustable Slew Rates
  • Three range settings (low, medium, and high)
  • Range Hopping between three ranges
  • Wiper behavior settings
  • Selection of many digital and analog outputs

Available outputs included are Analog Voltage or Current Loop (4 to 20 mA),RS422/RS485, SDI-12, RS232, USB and digital TTL.
Specifically the ANALITE NEP5000 wiping probes are designed for applications where bio-fouling will build up to obscure the optics such as in long monitoring deployment or placement in warm bio-active waters. The ANALITE integral wiper assembly and optional Copper case is designed for operations where severe bio fouling or sedimentation buildup is likely. The standard ANALITE NEP5000 series of probes, with its Delrin Composite housing may be submerged to a depth of 100 meters. A Metal housing is available for application where a greater depth rating is required. Maximum depth rating is 200 meters (non-wiping with metal case).


NEP5000 Range Set Concept

The ANALITE NEP-5000 series turbidity probes offers a multiple range concept in range setting and range selection. Calibrations can be made for three different levels of usage (Low, Medium, and High)*.
These 3 levels of usage are offered as versions to simplify range selection and order placement. The Versions are as follows:

  • V1 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 1000
  • V2 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 5000
  • V3 NTU ranges: 100, 1000, 5000
  • V4 NTU ranges: User specified

Calibration costing rules do apply. One calibration for the 3 ranges is included in the purchase price. Additional range calibrations are an extra expense. Different ranges are available for the 90° sensor, but must be specified at time of order and may attract further costs.

The three range calibrations allow for three types of usage modes and linearity from low range to high range in the Auto-Ranging mode**. This is applicable to event based sediment studies where NTU readings are prone to peaks above a set range.

90 degree versions provide extremely accurate and stable results at very low NTU values. This sensor can be used in conditions that require high resolution readings at near zero NTU.

Whatever the requirement the NEP5000 series probe is the most flexible choice. It can be ordered and configured to a multitude of applications.

Add parameters, modify ranges, and refine calibrations. All done on the PC interface and saved to configuration files. These configuration files can be saved and read back in to the sensor to restore settings.










*Please refer to Observator NEP5000 ordering guide document for correct ordering codes.

**One factory calibrated range in the list price.
***Auto-Ranging can on


Technique90° modulated infra-red (ISO7027) is standard
180° backscatter is optional
WeightNEP5000 Delrin models 300 grams – probe only*
NEP5000 Metal models 770 grams – probe only*
*100gms connector plus 70 grams per meter of cable
Ranges3 Preset Range Groups:

Low (example 0-10NTU)
Medium (example 0-400NTU)
High (example 0-1000NTU)

Recommended Range Versions:

V1 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 1000
V2 NTU ranges: 10, 400, 5000
V3 NTU ranges: 100, 1000, 5000
V4 NTU ranges: User specified

Custom Ranges available
Range Hopping Capable
ConstructionDelrin Composite casing is standard
316 Stainless Steel
Anti-Biofoul CW352H 70/30% Copper / Nickel
Up to 100NTU
Up to 400NTU
Up to 1,000NTU
Up to 5,000NTU
Cable6 core + shield, 6mm nominal dia. PUR sheath.
Conductor resistance 45 ohms per km. Weight - 70 grams per meter.
Accuracy±1% at 25°C up to 5000NTUCable LengthStandard Glanded Cable length to be specified at time of order. Per meter price applies
LinearityBetter than 1% for 0 to 3000 NTU
Better than 2.0% for 0 to 5000 NTU
Depth Rating200m (660ft) Non-wiping
100m (330ft) Wiping
Temp. CoefficientBetter than ±0.05%/°COperating Temp.-10°C to 40°C
OutputsDigital 3.6 v TTL (streaming or polled)
RS422 / RS485 (streaming or polled) SDI-12
Analog 4 - 20mA
Analog -2.5 volts to +2.5 volts (or variations)
Storage Temp.-20°C to 50°C.
Zero DriftLess than ±0.2NTUAccessoriesNEP-CFG PC Interface and Communication Module and PC configuration and calibration software.
NEPSILWIPE - Wiper replacement kit comprising of 4 silicon wipers and a hex fastening key
NEP-SHRD-D Delrin Protective shroud
NEP-SHRD-C Copper protective shroud
NEP-SHRD-S Stainless protective shroud
NEP-SHRD-T Titanium Protective shroud
NEP-CBL - Probe cable in meters.
NEP-CBL-CON SubConn Connector and cable assembly
CalibrationFactory calibrated using non-toxic AEPA polymer solutions.Options180° optics
Outer Case in Copper, Stainless, or Titanium
Marine Connectors
Power8 - 30V dc, 15mA on. 40mA reading and 60mA wiping
Settling Time< 1 second after application of power to 99%
WipingWiping is configurable through the PC configuration tool. Wipe directions or alternate settings and timeouts will prolong probe life.
During a wipe, the output remains within ±1% full scale of the turbidity value just prior to the wipe
Wipe Time8 seconds nominal
Ordering code


The NEP5000 sensor has 3 internal ranges that can be chosen for a particular application or combined in our “Auto Range” feature that allows jumping from range to range as conditions change.
Also our NEP5000 has a top reading value of 5000 NTUs which exceeds that of all our competitor’s 
Due to these powerful features the NEP5000 can support a multitude of applications across 0 to 5000 NTU including:
Potable water 
Clean water dredging 
Fresh water lakes and rivers 
Brackish water dredging 
Estuary fluctuations 
Sediment studies 
Food processing 
Waste treatment 
Pulp and peat production 
Algae Farms 
A 180 retro-scatter version is also available with applications requiring 10,000 to 30,000 NTU.


The NEP5000 series of turbidity sensors has many features, but one of the most prominent is the adaptability of this sensor to work with all available controllers, loggers, and portable devices. 
The NEP5000 supports the following interfacing and communication modes: 
Digital TTL 
Current 4 to 20 milliAmps 
Voltage 0 to 5 volts 
USB (Specs below)




The Analite NEP5000 Turbidity sensor known for extreme accuracy and flexibility now comes with a new hand held display device. Through a USB interface the most cost effective turbidity sensor becomes the worlds most cost effective hand held. Simply team it up with a tablet, Laptop, or Phone

5 metre glanded cable. USB interface built into probe. Made for single purpose hand held display system.
USB in cable with SubConn marine connectorUSB cable connected
5 metre Marine Connector cable. USB interface built into cable. Allows for sensor swapping and frees sensor for other purposes.



NEP-5000 Ordering Codes and DescriptionsConsiderations

  • Standard product is NEP5000WY/D/R42/GC/V2/TN/PN
  • RS232 has a 10 metre cable length limit
  • Voltage output has a10 metre cable length limit
  • USB interface has a 5 metre cable length limit
  • 4 to 20 milliamp output has a100 metre cable length limit
  • Pressure Sensor is not vented and requires external compensation.
  • The NEP-CFG is a USB interface and PC software. NEP-CFG is required for end user Turbidity calibrations and configurations.. It is also a means of calibrating a pressure sensor and loading firmware updates
  • NEP5000 Sensor supports three internal ranges.(LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH)
  • Sensors are ordered in three standard Versions or combinations of those ranges They are as follows:
  1. V1 Low 10 Medium 400 High 1000Potable, clean water dredging, and fresh water lakes and rivers (near zero stability no negative values and two point resolution)
  2. V2 Low 10 Medium 400 High 5000Dredging, estuary fluctuations, sediment studies, sewers, food processing, waste treatment, pulp and peat production (Still near zero stability)
  3. V3 Low 100 Medium 1000 High 5000 General purpose, dredging, estuary fluctuations, sewers, sediment studies, waste and process controls. (Near zero fluctuations and broad range)
  • Custom ranges for LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH are available, but will incur additional costs. Please ask for a quotation
  • Voltage output is a range across 5 volts. Combinations such as 0volts to 5volts or -2.5v to 2.5 are acceptable.
  • SubconnMale Connector is the standard marine connector for the NEP5000 tail section
  • Shrouds are useful to protect optics and wiper mechanisms, but also to maintain calibration consistency.
  • SDI12 interface is compatible with V1.3 equipment but do not support the full command set. Supported commands are Power-on / wipe / read / change range /power-off
  • Customised wiper modes and wipe on power-up are set in the configuration software.
  • A 180°backscatter sensor can have the wiping option


Tablet Software

Main screen shows turbidity, temperature, range and wiping alert.Graph screen shows turbidity and range.

Log screen streaming time/date, turbidity, and range. Logs to file.Setting screen selects polled or streaming modes




Bio-fouling is the biggest maintenance consideration when long term deployment is required. The NEP5000 has an incorporated wiper mechanism to keep the optics clean and we suggest a shroud accessory to protect the mechanism and the optics. 
We offer copper componentry to minimise fouling. 
We also supply with marine connectors for easy change-overs. 
International distributors are capable of servicing and supplying spare parts for local maintenance.
The PC interface and software are essential for calibration and configuration. The software also supplies a usage report to aid in maintenance. The tool is also used to load firmware updates and import and export configuration files. 
On the mechanical side of things I suggest a wiper kit and a shroud.