• Détecteur portatif de niveau de boue

Détecteur portatif de niveau de boue

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  • Infrared sensor probe
  • Audio & visual LED indicators
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Low battery indicator
  • IP 67 - Field rugged and weather resistant



RAE10200 is a portable handheld instrument that accurately determines the sludge blanket solid/liquid interface depth in primary tanks, clarifiers, sedimentation basins, lagoons and a wide variety of tanks with settled sludge and solids.

The unit is equipped with a strain relieved signal cable with 1 ft. incremented depth marks and a sensor probe. As the probe is lowered into the tank and the solid/liquid interface ragged edge is engaged, the meter lightbar LED segments begin to illuminate and the horn tone sounds and changes as the solids density increases.

It utilizes the latest Infrared light dispersion technology sensor probe and the most brilliant meter panel LED lightbars for visibility in direct sunlight. The horn audible feature allows sight free operation and can be switched off for silent operation.

Portable, lightweight and rugged, it’s ideal for use in publicly owned water and wastewater plants and industrial treatment operations that want simple, quick and reliable sludge interface level depth measurements. The unit is powered by six AA batteries, weighs 16 ounces and measures 8”L x 4.5”W x 3.5”D.

Wall storage mount, cable holders and batteries included. 1year warranty on meter, 6 months on sensor probe and cable.


Handheld unit
Construction glass-filled polyamide
Width 4.25” (108mm)
Length 8.0” (203mm)
Height 3.25” (82.5m)
Weight 27.9 oz (790g)
Color yellow
Faceplate 1/8” aluminum plate
Moisture IP67 (NEMA-4x) weatherproof
Temperature -5°F to +158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Power supply
Battery standard 6 x AA cells (standard alkaline)
Battery life (typ) 3 months
Operator controls
Power on/off
Horn on/off
Horn volume control
Sensitivity variable
Density meter sunlight visible LED lightbar
Horn 70db max
Battery low illuminates flasher
Calibration factory sealed (no recal required)
Model SID-10203 (U20)
Material epoxy encapsulation
Technology IRED emitter/detector
Sensor gap 0.780” (20mm)
Lense polycarbonate
Range min 100-2,000 mg/l (varies)
Range max 100-10,000 mg/l (varies)
Height 4.25” (107mm)
Width 3.25” (82.55mm)
Depth 1.187” (30.15mm)
Circular envelope 3.375” (85.73mm)
Weight 18.5 oz (525g)
Color black
Moisture IP68
Temperature -5°f to +140°f (-10°c to +60°c)
Cable assembly
Moisture IP68
Temperature 15°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Length 20 to 50 ft. (6.1M to 15.2M)
Markings 1-ft increment depth markers
Replacement parts
Cable assy with probe 20-ft P/N: SID-10203-20
30-ft P/N: SID-10203-30
50-ft P/N: SID-10203-50 5

Products Information

Item # Description
RAE10200-0 Détecteur de niveau de boues, câble de 20' (6m)
RAE10200-30 Détecteur de niveau de boues, câble de 30' (9m)
RAS15020-0 Étui de transport rigide pour détecteur de niveau de boues