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Échantillonneur de boues

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  • 2-Piece Mega Sludge Sampler with free carrying case
  • Perfect for septic and grease interceptor inspectors with limited space in their vehicle. The durable case keeps everything neat and clean. 
  • Same Link-Release Mega Valve as the original MAX but with flexible linkage from the valve to the top. Easy to clean.
  • Standard lengths of 8ft (2.4m) and 5ft (1.5m). Custom lengths available.



  • Slip-Lock Coupler – non-threaded
  • Large 1.5” dia. polycarb. tube
  • Huge Link-Release Mega Valve
  • O-rings for leak free performance
  • Purge sample by pulling up linkage
  • Pre-numbered depth markers
  • Carrying case included


  • New with this 2-piece MAX model is the flexible linkage between the Mega Valve and the top of the unit.
  • Simply slide the bottom tube into the Slip Lock Coupler and tighten the set screw.
  • The flexible linkage opens and closes the valve, but also provides an excellent site reference for the height of the sludge in the bottom.
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RAB4050052 pieces 5' Coretaker Max with Carrying Case
RAB4050082 pieces 8' Coretaker Max with Carrying Case