Dosimètre radiation personnel

Dosimètre radiation personnel

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The RADOS RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter is a precise and reliable instrument for ensuring the personal safety of the user. Ideally, the RAD-60 is used in everyday radiation monitoring,

in stand-alone conditions. If your needs grow for a more sophisticated system, the versatile RAD-60 can also be integrated into an Access Control System. The RAD-60 can be switched into System Mode, for the purpose of tracking Personnel Dose records and generating compliance reports. The design includes state-of-the-art technology with built in memory for retrieving dose, even during power-down. It eliminates outside interference from shock and RF. The RAD-60 is easily programmed by the user, has a digital display and operates with a single AAA alkaline battery.


So simple use...with the push of a button, you can

  • Turn the unit on/off
  • Change the digital display to read dose or dose rate
  • Slect from several dose and dose rate
  • Alarm levels
  • Turn the chirp function on/off
  • Reset integrated dose
  • Perform a battery test
  • The large digital display gives instant dose or dose rate readings
  • The audible alarm is loud - better than 85 DBA
Reader and Software available for Dosimeter Configuration- Calibration-or Access Control 



Radiation detectedGamma and X-Ray
Detector typeEnergy compensated Si-Diode
Measurement rangeDose: 1 uSv - 9.99 Sv or 0.1 mrem - 999 rem
Dose Rate5 uSv/h - 3 Sv/h or 0.5 mrem/h - 300 rem/h
CalibrationBetter than ±5% (Cs-137, 662 keV at 2 mSv/h),Hp(10)
Energy responseHp(10),60 keV - 3 MeV, better than ±25%, up to 6 MeV, better than ±35%
Dose rate linearityBetter than ±15% up to 3 Sv/h (300 rem/h)
Audible alarmsSeven separate alarms,
sound level typically better than 85 dBA at 30 cm
integrated dose
dose rate
dose overflow
dose rate overflow at 3 Sv/h or 300 rem/h
low battery 1 and 2
Alarm thresholdsSix preset values each for integrated dose and dose rate-push button selection
Power supplyOne triple A alkaline cell, typical life is 1800 hours in background (dose mode)
ReaderInfrared communication via bottom of the dosimeter
Button functionsFront panel push button has the following selectable functions
change display priority (dose/dose rate)
switch ON/OFF
chirp ON/OFF
reset integrated dose
change alarm thresholds
activate battery test
Temperature range-20 - + 50° C operational, humidity up to 90% RH, non-condensed; -20 - + 70° C storing
Dimensions78 x 67 x 22 mm
Weight80 g (including battery)