• Couvercles verrouillables pour puits

Couvercles verrouillables pour puits

pour Leveloggers

  • Permet l'évacuation d'air pour égaliser la pression atmosphérique 
  • Permet 2 Leveloggers
  • Installation verrouillable et sécurisée

An all new locking well cap, designed to support both 2" and 4" wells.

This new versatile, vented well cap is available in two configurations. The first is designed to support our Levelogger Series of products, the second is designed to support our Bladder Pumps and Double Valve Pumps. Solinst Locking Well Caps are convenient, durable, and suitable for numerous other applications and installation types..

 Read Cable.
When installing Leveloggers using a Stainless Steel wireline or Kevlar rope suspension, the water level dataloggers are securely supported when tied off to the eyebolt included on the underside of the well cap insert.

When installing Leveloggers using a Direct Read Cable, the cable simply fits inside the convenient well cap insert hole, when the red dust cap is removed. For Levelogger installations where a Barologger is to be installed in the same well, the well cap supports up to two Direct Read Cables. Even with the two Direct Read Cables installed, there is still an access hole available for manual water level measurements or groundwater sampling, without disturbing the down-hole Leveloggers.



  • Vented to equalize atmospheric pressure in the well
  • Supports up to two Leveloggers
  • Lockable, secure installation
  • Eyebolt provides sturdy tie off
  • Fits both 2" and 4" monitoring wells
  • Versatile design supports additional monitoring access
  • One design provides multiple equipment support