• Alarme risque de gel

Alarme risque de gel

Spot frost conditions easily in your vineyard or orchard

When the temperature approaches freezing, the high-powered LED light (visible from about two miles) changes color and flash frequency to indicate temperature conditions at-a-glance. The Frost Alert will shut off above 37ºF to conserve power. Requires 6V lantern battery (not included).


  •  High output LED's means no lamps to replace.
  •  Low current consumption giving long battery life.
  •  4 defined temperature ranges.
  •  Low battery alarm to alert user.
  •  Faulty Sensor/ cable alarm.
  •  Calibration error alarm
  •  Good Health indicator to assure user that unit is functioning correctly.
  •  Auto Power Off above 3°C allows user to leave unit out for the duration of the frost-fighting season
  •  Periodic Flash when temperature is above 3°C allows user to easily locate units at the end of the frost season.
  •  Can be hung from a cable, secured to an upright, or placed on ground.
  •  Handy Probe Clip supplied to allow placement of probe in required sensing area.
  •  Mounting stick supplied to easily secure to a post
  •  Tough Injection molded case for the outdoors.
  •  Water-resistant. (Rain proof)
  •  Uses Low Cost Battery for economic operation.
  •  12 month warranty.

Frost Alert alarm colors

Green – Above 34ºF(1ºC)

White – 32º to 34ºF(0-1ºC)

Red – Below 32ºF(0°C)
Flashing Red – Below 30ºF(-2ºC)


  • Shuts off above 37ºF (2.8°C) to conserve power
  • Requires 6V lantern battery (not included)
  • Please see the above photos for the temperature ranges for the 3 different lights