• Humidimètre pour le sol

Humidimètre pour le sol

Measure site-specific soil moisture levels with the field Scout TDR series !

When precision irrigation decisions count, the Filed Scout series offers growers a tool to eliminate the guesswork. Based on proven time-domain measurement technology, these portable unit accurately measure soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions. Select from 12-cm or 20-cm (4.8 or 8 in.) probe rods to suit your desired depth measurement. Install PVG access tubes, and take readings deeper in the soil profile. The LCD dislay provides two modes of operation: volumetric water content and irrigation management mode.

Perfect for researchers !

Field-Scout TDR300 facilitates detailed analysis. An internal data logger and RS-232 port allow for use with a DGPS for georeferences soil moisture measurements. Includes software and PC cable

  • 30 in. "T" grip
  • VWC
  • RWC
  • Display
  • Avg Reading
  • Datalogger
  • DGPS port


Measurement Principle Time-domain measurement methods
Measurement Units Percent volumetric content
Resolution 1.0%
Accuracy ±3.0% volumetric water content with electrical conductivity
Range 0% to saturation (saturation tyically around 50% volumetric water)
Battery/Life 4 AAA alkaline batteries; approx. 12 month battery life
Data Logger 4,096 without GPS; 1,488 with GPS/DGPS


Ordering Informatons
Cat. No. Description
6430FS Field Scout TDR 300 soil moisture probe
6431FS Two 12-cm (4.8 in.) rods
6432FS Two 20-cm (8 in.) rods
290C GPS/DGPS cable