Appareils de mesure de la qualité de l'eau

Appareils de mesure de la qualité de l'eau

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AquaShock meters have been designed and tested to ensure accurate, reliable water quality measurement under any conditions.

The integral soft-grip outer layer provides a firm grip, even in wet environments, and an anti-shock LCD, and other high-end components, further ensures that AquaShock® is fully shockproof. AquaShock® meters are also IP67 waterproof and will float if accidentally dropped in water. The screw-down probe connections are watertight when used with AquaShock® probes. When a waterproof connection is not needed, any BNC-connected probe can be used. The latest high performance electronics give AquaShock® meters extremely stable and accurate readings. Results are easy to read, in any light, on the large LED backlit display. Powered by a long-lasting, environmentally friendly, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery. AquaShock® meters are very intuitive and include all the functions you will likely ever need including:

  • Review of 99 memories, min-max-ave, directly on the meter’s display
  • Internal clock and calendar
  • ºC & ºF
  • Auto-ranging
  • Automatic and manual temperature compensation
  • Hold