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  • Efficient propeller-driven Photo-Fiber-Optic sensor coupled with precision quartz crystal controlled electronics provide accurate repeatable data in all flow conditions.
  • The Model 2100 Indicator reads data in feet and meters per second. A toggle switch in the battery compartment changes from one to the other.
  • Powered by a single 9 volt transistor battery and there is a spare in the battery compartment too.
  • Three user selectable velocity averaging times in each mode. From 5 to 90 seconds in feet per second and from 1.5 to 30 seconds in meters mode.
  • Sensor components (propeller, rotor, and rotor shaft) easily and inexpensively replaceable. Carry spares into remote locations and you'll never have to return early because of a bent bucketwheel, lost sensor magnet or bent shaft.
  • Wide choice of sensor carriers or "wands" to accommodate virtually any open stream velocity measuring requirement.
  • Lightweight, portable system is easy to work with all day in the field. Indicator weighs a little over a pound and a half.
  • A simple and accurate method of user-accomplished calibration is provided with the Model 2100. No other current meter provides the user a method of checking and changing calibrations while in the field. Calibration settings for the feet and meters selection are easily checked and changed any time.



The basic principle of the Swoffer sensor is simple and unique: Multiple bundles of fiber-optics, assembled into a propeller driven rotor, gate a beam of infrared light from a photo diode to a photo-sensitive transistor producing electronic pulses. These pulses, generated by the propeller rotor over a precisely measured amount of time, are directly proportional to water velocity.

The Model 2100 propeller rotor requires very little energy to activate, works in nearly all water conditions and produces consistent, strong output pulses even at low velocities. The calibration curve for the rotors is linear and consistent in all naturally occurring open channel velocities. Propellers used with the Model 2100 are specifically designed for water so they do not require a shroud to protect them from the effects of turbulence. Because no shroud is used the propellers are easily able to shed the debris normally found in sewers and natural streams.

The electronic half of the sensor contains state of the art opto-electronics and is epoxy encapsulated in a ½” (12.7mm) diameter acetal resin housing for protection from chemicals and the elements. The sensor uses a two-wire signal system requiring as little as 3 volts DC for operation and generates an output signal through as much as 1000 feet of cable. Because the sensor consumes such a small amount of power, the field life of the Model 2100 battery (a standard 9 volt size) is long. The sensor emits four pulses per revolution so the resolution of the instrument is much higher than other sensors on the market. It is extremely accurate especially at very low velocities. It is also the most rugged and is extremely sturdy and reliable.

The standard version of the propeller rotor assembly (2100-A21) uses a very low friction fiberoptic rotor, a polished and hardened stainless steel shaft, and a 2” glass-filled nylon propeller. All rotor parts are easily replaceable in the field and a spare rotor assembly is provided with every new instrument.


Velocity range 0.1 to 25 feet per second (propeller meters) (0.03 to 7.5 meter per second)
Display4 digit, Liquid Crystal Digital, 0.7" digits
Resolution To hundredths, both feet and meters
Accuracy Can be held to within 1% with periodic user-required calibration tests and adjustments.
Display averaging Three selectable averaging times
  • 5, 20 and 90 seconds-FPS mode.
  • 1.5, 6 and 30 seconds-MPS mode.
Operating temperature
  • LCD: Min. -14°F (-25.6°C); Max. 180°F (82°C) @ 15% humidity; Max. 120°F (49°C) @ 95% humidity
  • Sensor: Min. 0°F (-17.8°C); Max. 194°F (90°C)
Power required One 9 volt battery. Alkaline or rechargeable NiCad
Indicator size 4" by 6" by 2" inches (15.2 by 10.2 by 5.1 cm)
Indicator weight 25 oz. (including 9 volt batteries, one spare)
Indicator material Vacuum-formed ABS with a clear acrylic viewing lens over the LCD.
Indicator keypad & switches Back-printed polycarbonate in four colors plus black. Two pushbutton momentary switches, one rotary switch with silicone boots for water seal.
Fasteners Stainless Steel and/or Brass
Sensor Wand materials Aluminum = 6061-T6, Stainless Steel - #303
Sensor body and rotor Acetron GP (rotor body) & Ertalyte® TX, an internally lubricated thermoplastic polyester that provides enhanced wear over all previous rotor materials.
Sensor propeller Glass-filled nylon. 2" diameter is supplied. Other sizes are available for special applications.
Electrical connection Polyurethane jacketed, dual Aramid core, high strength cable. Two-conductor sensor signal system. Circular plastic,water resistant connector with twist-lock operation. Connections use gold plated contacts.
Cable length Equal to wand at full extension plus five feet. Special length to 1000'are also available.
Sensor typePhoto-Fiber-Optic two-conductor electrical with all electronics permanently encapsulated in epoxy resin.


2100-TSR-Kit Current Velocity meter adapts to your USGS Top-Set wading rod
2100-STDX Current Velocity meter and 2.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. Telescoping Wand
2100-LX Current Velocity meter and 4.5 ft. - 19.5 ft. Telescoping Wand
2100-12 Current Velocity meter and 2.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod
2100-13 Current Velocity meter and 3.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod
2100-14 Current Velocity meter and 4.7 ft. Top Set wading Rod
2100-C80 Current Velocity meter and 80cm Top Set wading Rod
2100-C140 Current Velocity meter and 140cm Top Set wading Rod
2100-1514 Current Velocity meter and 12 ft. Combination Wading Rod
2100-1518 Current Velocity meter and 4 meter Combination Wading Rod
Carrying Cases
P-1450 Pelican 1450® waterproof polypropylene carrying case
P-1200 Pelican 1200® waterproof polypropylene carrying case
Digital Indicator only (Available separately as replacements, repairs or upgrades)
2100-IndicatorCurrent Velocity Indicator with neck strap
Sensor Replacement Parts
2100-A21 Complete Rotor Assembly; 2" prop, optics rotor, shaft & thrust bearing nut
2100-A22 Sensor w/o Rotor Assembly, up to 25' cable w/ connector
2100-A23Thrust Bearing Nut
2100-PROP Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 2" Dia.(standard)
2100-PROP3Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 3" Dia.
2100-PROP1 Glass Filled Nylon Replacement Prop 1 3/8" Dia.
2100-A25 Replacement retainer snap ring for rotor shaft 2100-A26 Stainless Steel Rotor Shaft (also includes a retainer snap ring)
2100-A27 Fiber Optics Rotor
6-32 Set Screw Sensor and Rotor retaining screw
1ž2" Cap Plug1ž2" Cap Plug (Protects sensor when not in use)
Extension Cable Sensor Extension Cable, any length, twist lock connector at both ends