Capteur d’humidité du sol

Capteur d’humidité du sol

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  • Volumetric water content of the soil
  • Electrical conductivity of the soil to an accuracy of 1% over the measurement range 0 mS/cm to 50 mS/cm
    • The conductivity can be measured in liquid media or waterlogged soils as well as in dry solids.
  • Soil temperature to an accuracy of ±0,1°C

Advantages of the UMP1
  • Reduction of damage to the soil because only one sensor is necessary to obtain three measurements, and this merely requires two thin, pointed measuring sticks to be inserted in the measurement volume.
  • Small-scale inhomogeneities are taken into suitable consideration by the large measurement volume of approx. 1l.
  • The internal energy supply enables the sensor to operate for up to 1000 hours completely independently and wirelessly.

  • RS482
  • Bluetooth

Data logging
  • Data can be logged both using digital and analogue data loggers.
  • Data can be read out and displayed using a smartphone (Android) via the Bluetooth interface.