Cage à plancton Schindler-Patalas

Cage à plancton Schindler-Patalas


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Probably the most widely used plankton trap today, it operates on the same principle as bottle samplers but is larger.

Its water-clear, strong polycarbonate body minimizes avoidance reactions on the part of zooplankton while enabling you to sample at a specific depth. Stainless steel handles are mounted to sides and attach the trap to a line. Available in two sizes, although 30 L is recommended in Standard Methods.

  • 34-A10: 30 Liter volume, 292 x 292 x 413 mm in size (11½ x 11½ x 16¼”). Ship wt: 30 lbs.
  • Both sizes include 200mL Dolphin™ bucket with 61 micron stainless steel screen cloth; Nitex® filter net (2-1/8” cod end, 12¼” long, 63 micron); Dolphin™ adapter; and carry case.
  • Handles hinged to fold flat for storage.