E800 GNSS ReceiverE800 GNSS ReceiverE800 GNSS ReceiverE800 GNSS ReceiverE800 GNSS Receiver

E800 GNSS Receiver

High-performance RTK Receiver

  • Built-in radio (5W)
  • Built-in battery ( 13600mAh)
  • Sunlight viewable screen, support NTRIP mode

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E800 is a high-performance product by eSurvey GNSS. The durable IP67 design makes it possible to work in a variety of environments. 

 Multi constellation and frequency tracking always give a Fixed solution for your job. The colorful touch screen is convenient for quick configurations.


  1. Multi-constellation and Multi-frequency With 336/800 channels of GNSS tracking, E800 provides stable and reliable accuracy. All GNSS signals are coming with standards including GPS, BDS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, IRNSS, and SBAS.
  2. Batteries for Long-Time Operation E800 is equipped with a 13600 mAh Li-ion battery. There is no worry for long-time field operation up to 15 hours. The USB type-c quick charge promises a full charge within 5 hours.
  3. MEMS Dynamic Tilt Survey eSurvey’s innovation tilt survey solution provides a surprising expérience. The sensor is adapted to various working environments and can be ready within 10 sec. A maximum 60° incline angle ensures a tilt to go survey without stopping your work.
  4. L-band Atlas Atlas is a service to provide global précision correction service over L-band satellites. With an ATLAS subscription, E800 is able to achieve centimeter accuracy without any base station.
  5.  aRTK Powered by Atlas, the innovative aRTK technology opérâtes on any Atlas-capable device by enabling it to maintain RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail without additional cost.
  6. 5-watt Internal Radio The 5-watt internal radio modem extremely extends the working range up to 15Km. Users can adjust the radio power between 2w and 5w depending on the demand.


This receiver is versatile and its physical characteristics make it the best base on the market. Indeed, it is designed in a Magnesium/Aluminium alloy which offers excellent heat dissipation.

Remarkable simplicity thanks to a single button and a color LCD touch screen. This touch screen displays the status of the base with the percentage of battery and gives access to the settings. A field supervisor can easily change the radio frequency without having a field book. 


The E800's internal radio is one of the most powerful on the market in TX transmission (BASE mode) with an adjustable 2W/5W power. Its large, upward-facing antenna allows ranges of up to 10 km. It has all radio protocols of the market (TRIMTALK, SATEL, PDL...),all correction formats (RTCM32, RTC3.x, CMR...). A base made for large-scale construction sites and machine guidance. The radio can be ordered as a TX (Base only),RX (Mobile only),or RX/TX (both) option, which makes the investment more flexible. 


With its internal battery of 13 000 mAh, the E800 has an autonomy of more than 11h in Base and 15h in mobile. Thanks to its USB-c connection, the charging time is only 4 hours and this same connection allows to complete the autonomy of the E800 on a mobile base by connecting an external battery (PowerBank). You can also connect with a crocodile clip cable or directly on a 12/24 battery but also on the 220V.



It is equipped with an ultra-precise 400Hz inertial unit that can be activated afterward.

TOPOCALC recovers the information which allows compensating the verticality of the rod in real-time, either in a survey or in implantation. 


With its SureFix mode, the GPS measurement is more reliable.

TOPOCALC gives the possibility to activate this mode for difficult places and points requiring greater precision.


Its 4G+ modem, without antenna, compatible roaming for a multi-operator card will allow you to stay connected throughout your survey or implementation. 

The integrated WI-FI Hot Spot also allows you to have Internet on the tablet and to access remote maintenance and data transfer. 

aRTK (Atlas)

Integrated functionality without additional cost or subscription.

During RTK operations when the radio or network link is interrupted, the aRTK function takes over and RTK accuracy is maintained for approximately 20 minutes. Using global reference stations, users with a cell phone can obtain positioning in centimeters on a global scale, even if you are in the ocean, the desert, for all locations not covered by the GNSS network.


The simplified web interface allows access, through Wi-Fi, to the GNSS receiver status, to the parameters, to retrieve the recording data, and to perform internal updates to the receiver without returning to the workshop. Interface usable on smartphone, tablet or PC.


Possibility to do post-processing thanks to the internal memory of 16GB / 32GB in TF card and then simply recover the data by USB in Rinex format.

 Satellites Tracking GPS: L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5
BDS: B1I/B2I/B3I/B1C/B2a/B2b/
GLONASS: G1/G2/G3, P1/P2
SBAS1: L1/L5
L-Band: Atlas H10/H30/Basic
BDS: B1/B2/B3
SBAS1: L1/L5
L-Band: RTX
 Channels 800 336
 Signal Reacquisition < 1 sec
 Cold Start < 60 sec
 Warm Start < 30 sec
 Hot Start < 10 sec
 RTK Signal Initialization < 8 sec
 Initialization Reliability >99.9%
 Update rate 10 Hz standard, up to 50 Hz
 Operation System Linux
 Internal Memory 32 GB
 High Precision StaticH: 2mm + 0.1 ppm
V: 3mm + 0.4 ppm
 Stattic/Fast StaticH: 2.5mm + 0.1 ppm
V: 3.5mm + 0.4 ppm
 RTKH: 8mm + 1.0 ppm
V: 15mm + 1 ppm
 Code DifferentialH: 0.25 m
V: 0.45 m
 SBASH: 0.3 m
V: 0.6 m
 L-BandAtlas H10: 4 cm RMS
Atlas H30: 15 cm RMS
Atlas Basic: 30 cm RMS
 Tilt CompensationFree-Calibration
Magnetic resistance
 RTK tilt compensatedAdditional horizontal uncertainly typically
less than 8mm+0.4mm/° angle up to 60°
 Power supply
 BatteryRechargeable and built-in Lithium-ion
battery, 7.2 V ~ 13.6 Ah
 Voltage9~28 V DC
with over-voltage protection
 Working timeUp tp 15 hours
 Charging timeTypically 5 hours
 Internal Radio
 TypeTX and RX
 Frequency Range10 ~ 470 MHz
 Channel Spacing12.5 KHz / 25 KHz
 Emitting Power5W
 Operating range8 ~ 10 Km typically
15Km with optimal conditions
 ProtocolSatel, PCC, TrimTalk, TrimMark III,
South, HiTarget
 Internal Modem
 Support BandGlobal GSM /WCDMA/LTE
 BluetoothBT 5.0, BLE
 WIFI802.11 ac/n(HT20)/a/b/g
 Sim CardMicro SIM card
 5-Pin portConnect to external radio and power,
NMEA output
 Type-C PortCharge and internal storage access
 TNC PortConnect to internal radio antenna
 Web UIView status, update firmware, set up
working mode, download data
 Intelligent VoiceBroadcast working status
GLL, Binary
 Correction DataCMR, CMR+, RTCM2, RTCM3, RTCM32
 MEMSFast initialization, dynamic tilt survey
up to 60°
 Dimension154 mm x 154 mm x 76 mm
 Weight1.5 kg
 Screen1.45’’ colorful touchable screen
 Operating Temperature-40℃ ~ +65℃
 Storage Temperature-45℃ ~ +80
 Water/Dust ProofIP67
 ShockSurvive a 2 m drop on concrete floor
 VibrationVibration resistant
 HumidityUp to 100%
 IndicatorsSatellites, datalink, battery, Bluetooth
 ButtonPower button, short press to voice
broadcast status
 CertificateCE, FCC, NGS Calibration