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P1 Colorimeter for preform inspection - 
For accurate desktop preform transmission measurement.

The P1 preform inspection system is an accurate and stable industrial instrument that has been designedexclusively for measuring preform transmission values.

Due to its robust housing it can be placed directly next to the Injection Molding System to measure preforms periodically to detect changes quickly.

It has been designed to keep operating errors to a minimum. It has only 2 buttons and the reflection chamber has guides so it will be positioned in the same way.

The instrument measures the amount of light passing though a preform from fully transparent to almost opaque. The instrument is designed so it gets more accurate the more opaque a preform is.

Small changes in transmission values are detected in an early stage minimizing waste and valuable production time.

Alternatively the instrument can be used to detect variations in transmission values due to preform position in the mold.


This easy to use, robust desktop instrument is designed to measuring preform transmission for quality control.

Almost complete opaque preforms can be measured, up to 0,1% transmission.


  • Guarantee your customers constant transmission quality
  • Reduce visual inspection errorsdue to eye fatigue and operator changes
  • Easy to use
  • Speed up production change (from one transparent preform to the next)

Easy measurement ( image 1-3 )

The instrument is easy to operate :

  • Place the preform in the middle
  • Lower the reflection chamber over the preform
  • Press the Measure button and read the transmission value from the LCD

By the use of Smart LED technology, the instrument has a large dynamic range and can measure from extreme dark preforms up to 99.9% transparent preforms.

image 1

image 2

Easy calibration ( image 4 )

The instrument is easy to calibrate. Lower the reflection chamber without a preform present and press the Calibration button. The instrument will calibrate itself to 100% and it will do a lighting diagnostic. Results are displayed at the display.

You can easily verify if the instrument works correctly by measuring without a preform. The transmission value must be 100%.

image 3

image 4

Optional windows software

The instrument has an ethernet port which can be connected to a network or PC to transmit measured data for logging. Preform Quality data can that way be logged to a company database to make customer reports or lookup past problems.

There is an optional SDK (software development kit) available with a technical description of the protocol used and example source code of a simple c# windows software.

Measurement functionsTransmission (0% to 100% of light though preform)
Preform openingsFrom 16,5mm up to 40mm
Preform lengthUp to 150mm
Preform max widthUp to 55 mm
CalibrationPush button procedure
Measurement accuracySee table below
Data communication1 Ethernet port
Warm up time5 minutes
Measurement timeLess than 1 sec.
Light sourceLED (Average lifetime > 5 years²)
Illumination typeRing lighting
Physical dimensions180mm x210mm x 235mm (Width x Length x Height)
WeightApproximately 3Kg (instrument 2,250Kg + Reflection dome 0,75Kg)
Reflection domeIncluded
Power5VDC (< 2Amp) 10,8VA
Power adapterIncluded 110V/220V, with universal plug
Power cable length1m, included
Housing & protectionIP50
Operating temperature0°-45°Celsius

Measurement accuracy

Transmission Accuracy
less than 1%Better than 0.025%
Between 1% and 5%Better than 0.05%
Between 5% and 10%Better than 0.1%
Between 10% and 50%Better than 0.35%
Between 50% and 80%Better than 0.5%
Between 80% and 100%Better than 1%