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    Advanced dynamometer - internal sensor

Advanced dynamometer - internal sensor

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The Centor Touch is the most powerful current dynamometer, it has become the benchmark tool for force measurement. Having all the functionalities of the Centor Easy, it incorporates many additional features: with its graphic capabilities, it calculates and displays real-time not only the maximum but also the values ​​of specific points of the curve such as breaking strength, force a trigger, force at a given time, first peak ...
New features:

- Most in a time window to determine a time range during a test and calculate the maximum force in this range while keeping in mind the maximum reached during the test.
- Calculation of time to reach the maximum force in tension or compression.
- Average strength during the test period. All these results are stored in memory (to a maximum of 100 tests),allowing to perform statistical calculations on the maximum values ​​and a configurable computing, and then transfer the array of values ​​and the dates and times of measurements to a PC. In addition, it is possible to freeze its configuration to avoid handling errors.

  • Large graphic display with curve
  • Automatic calculations
  • Automatic recognition of additional sensors
  • Compatible memory card reader
  • Calibration certificate included


Tension and compressionYes I Will
Resolution1 / 10,000
Sampling1000 Hz
Tension and compression upYes I Will
Auto-offAdjustable from 5 to 15 min
Reversible displayYes I Will
Protection against overload200%
Calibration certificate includedYes I Will
Metal housing protective shell elastomerYes I Will
Bar graphYes I Will
UnitsN, lb, kg, g, oz
Display peak and the current value simultaneouslyYes I Will
Tare functionYes I Will
Use of a pedalYes I Will
Programmable bookmarksYes I Will
Internal memoryYes I Will
Statistics for 100 testsYes I Will
RS232 outputYes I Will
Analog outputYes I Will
BacklightYes I Will
Display of curves (force / time)Yes I Will
Automatic calculationsYes I Will
Compatibility with memory cardsYes I Will
Automatic recognition of additional sensorsYes I Will
Rechargeable BatteryYes I Will
Low battery indicatorYes I Will
Battery life8:00
Supplied withhook plate Ø 19 mm extension