• Impact Gate and door Force Tester

Impact Gate and door Force Tester


  • Display the Curve
  • Measure Static and Dynamic force
  • Calibration certificate included

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Specially designed for the control of automatic doors

In compliance with the EN12453 standards, the Andidoor force tester measures the closing force generated by automatic or power-operated gates, doors and barriers. It is compact, light, self contained and specially designed to measure and calculate the dynamic (impact) and static forces:

  • Fd  between 0 and 0,75s (<400 N)
  • Td < 0.75s
  • Fs between 0,75 and 5 s (<150 N)
  • Fe between 5 and 10 s (<25 N)
The curve of your test is plotted in real time on the display (with respect to set points), it saves the values in its memory (25 measurements x 4 results) and indicates the statistical results for each calculation. The complete set of values can then be saved on a PC for producing test reports.
The Andidoor is a robust (display protected by a neoprene shell and sensor protection against overloads) and essential tool for the verification of automatic vertical or horizontal doors.


  • Display the Curve
  • Measure Static and Dynamic force
  • Calibration certificate included

A custom made sensor in compliance with the norm

The EN12453 norm describes, with great detail, the type of sensor to use in order to perform the measurement on doors. Thanks to 30 years of experience in force measurement, Andilog developed a specific sensor dedicated to this application which enables precise and repeatable measurements.

Main characteristics of the sensor:

  • Technology with strain gauges
  • Capacity: 2000 N
  • Stiffness: 500 N/mm
  • Mass: 0,8 kg
  • Spiraled cable: 0.5 m - stretched length: 1 m
  • Diameter: Ø 80 mm

Inclusive report editing software

The Andidoor is supplied with dedicated software which enables you to upload the results of your measurements, at different door positions, to a computer.

Practical and ergonomic, this software enables the writing of personalized reports in just a few clicks. Available in English, Spanish, French and German, it includes pre-defined templates for a variety of doors: trap doors, swing doors, guillotine doors, roller doors, folding doors, sectional gates, etc…

All in all, 9 report templates are available with this software.


  • Force gauge Andidoor
  • Calibration certificate
  • Carrying case
  • USB-cable
  • Report editing software Andidoor
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Capacity: 2000 N
  • Stiffness: 500 N/mm
  • Diameter: Ø 80 mm
  • Graphic display
  • Resolution: 1 N
  • Precision ± 10 N
  • Rechargeable battery power supply
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Metal case and protective elastomer casing