• Motorized unit test

Motorized unit test

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The measuring couple Drivetork motorized opening system is the ideal equipment for production teams that have a large number of opening tests to perform and wish to eliminate operator-related dispersions.

Many test conditions can be programmed: screwing movement, unscrewing movement, screwing and unscrewing movement chained, etc. The speed is adjustable in both directions from 1 to 20 t / min, the internal motor exerts the torque at a constant speed, the test is performed in ever identical conditions. The measuring head is vertically adjustable to accommodate bottles 100 mm high up to bottles of 300 mm. It is equipped with small jaws that grip the cap to be tested. The measurement screen displays the torque curve and calculates the maximum opening torque.

It can also be used to consecutively measure the rupture safety rings and the unscrewing torque. System ready for use, supplied with grip fingers.

  • The Motorised bottle cap torque test is designed to measure Drivetork the torque at the opening / closing at constant speed.
  • The course is maintained by cross arms adapté For Each cap type.
  • Sample from ½ "to 4" diameter are fixed on the plate with Gripping fingers.
  • Reading of torque value Can Be Made Pendant Both opening and closing phases
  • The RS232 output allows to transfer datas to a PC.
  • The display is made with an instrument CENTOR Easy Version Simultaneously Allowing to display current and peak value. It can est to set tolerance.


Technical features
  • Capacity: 10 lbFin, 50 and 100 lbFin lbFin
  • Units: Nm - Lb / in - Lb / ft
  • Resolution: 1/10000
  • Accuracy: 0.1% FS
  • Data acquisition rate: 1000Hz
  • Speed: 2-15 rd / min
  • Simultaneous display of current and peak values
  • Maximum diameter: 4 "
  • Maximum height: 12 "
  • Data output: RS232, Analogic and Digimatic (Mitutoyo)


Models Drivetork EA1 Drivetork EA6 Drivetork EA10
Torques 10 lbin 50 lbin 100 lbin
Resolution 0001 lbin 0005 lbin 0.01 lbin