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    Corrosion Test Chambers

Corrosion Test Chambers

  • Front loading system for testing large/heavy objects which can easily be loaded with fork lift/pallet truck assistance.
  • High strength acrylic panel front door with windows for visibility of test samples during testing.
  • Polypropylene outer construction, fully resistant to corrosion.

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A front loading system for testing large/heavy objects

In addition to our wide range of corrosion test chambers for salt spray and cyclic test standards, to accommodate the increasing demand for testing large components and assemblies, Ascott now offers CorroFlex, a range of flexible dimension front loading corrosion test chambers, with width and depth variable in 0.5m (19.7”) increments to provide larger/smaller internal capacities. The new Ascott CorroFlex range of front loading corrosion chambers are available in two specifications;

  • The salt spray derivative (CFS) provides the same level of performance and standards compatibility as the Ascott SiS models
  • The cyclic derivative (CF) the same level as the Ascott CC range.

CorroFlex Key Features

  • Touch-screen monochrome operator interface, for ease of programming and control
  • Central viewing window/s for unimpeded visual access to chamber interior and test material
  • Timed canopy lock and purge of the cabinet interior with fresh air after testing and before the chamber is opened
  • Peristaltic pumping system for precise control and delivery of the salt spray
  • Cabinet heated by externally mounted heater mats, protecting them against damage from the corrosive climate inside the cabinet, and ensuring uniform heat distribution inside the cabinet
  • Easily accessible salt spray atomizer(s) in transparent hard-wearing acrylic with integral filter, for ease of maintenance
  • External portable salt solution tank with wheels, for ease of access to a water source, and an integral drain system for ease of cleaning
  • Base castors and integrated fork lift truck runners, for ease of transportation
  • Calibration certificate
  • Consumables spares kit

1m Deep (39.4'') System

1.5m Deep (59'') System