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    Digital Hydrometer

Digital Hydrometer

For Lead Acid Batteries

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Specific gravity of sulfuric lead-acid battery fluid

No more cumbersome cleaning. Lightweight, compact, and battery-operated for maximum portability. 

Single-handed operation from measurement to cleaning, without touching any liquid!

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Measures specific gravity and temperature simultaneously.

Example of Time and Cost Savings

Increased efficiency over a conventional glass hydrometer and thermometer

A service tech visits 30 power systems a month. Using a standard hydrometer, it takes him 20 minutes per system to do the job. The DH-10 Digital Hydrometer reduces the service time to 2 minutes per system.

His labor costs $40/hour.

  • A standard glass hydrometer: 20 minutes × 30 sites = 10 hours, $400 worth of labor every month
  • DH-10 Digital Hydrometer: 2 minutes × 30 sites = 1 hour, $40 worth of labor every month

The benefits are 108 hours = $4,320 of savings every year, per service tech.

 DH-10C (Cat. No. 3446)DH-10F (Cat. No. 3447)
Measurement rangeSulfuric acid specific gravity 1.000 to 1.3000
Accuracy±0.002 (10 to 30°C)
±0.003 (0 to 10 or 30 to 40°C)
±0.005 (-10 to 0 or 40 to 50°C)
±0.002 (50 to 86°F)
±0.003 (32 to 50 or 86 to 104°F)
±0.005 (14 to 32 or 104 to 122°F)
Sample chamber temperature-10 to 50°C14 to 122°F
Ambient temperature range5 to 40°C41 to 104°F
Power supplyDC9V (006P Battery)
International Protection classIP64
Dimensions and weight70 × 40 × 210 mm (Main unit only),235 g