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    Car interior testerCar interior testerCar interior tester

Car interior tester

  • Display: 0,01mm
  • Sphere shaped indenter Ø 10 mm 
  • Sphere shaped indenter Ø 15 mm
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HPE II-KFZ - Ø 15 mm

Model : HPE II-KFZ - Ø 15 mm

  • Indenter: Ø 15 mm 
  • Range: 0 - 25N

HPE II-KFZ - Ø 10 mm

Model : HPE II-KFZ - Ø 10 mm

  • Indenter: Ø 10 mm 
  • Range: 0 - 25N

The HPE II KFZ is a hardness tester developed for composite materials of two or more material groups. 

The composite material typically contains foam, and other materials may contain metals, plastics, leather, or wood to increase structural strength.

It is most suitable for use in automobile interior such as seat, armrest, headrest, inner door plate to do hardness test.

Size and Weight

Method Ø 15mm

Method Ø 10mm


Memoryfor 300 measured values
Battery durationapprox. 2000 hours
BatteryLithium battery 3.6V with approx. 2000 hours operating time
Data outputRS 232
 Measurement LxWxH 190 x 70 x 40 mm
Weight600 g