Materials Testing
    Digital Durometers - HPE III seriesDigital Durometers - HPE III seriesDigital Durometers - HPE III seriesDigital Durometers - HPE III series

Digital Durometers - HPE III series

ISO/IEC 17025

  • Contact pressure acc. standards 
  • Date and time
  • Display with backlight
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HPE III basic

Model : HPE III basic

  • Shore A, D, B
  • No Temperature/humidity
  • No Sample temperature
  • Date and time


Model : HPE III

  • Models: HPE III-A and HPE III-D
  • Temperature/humidity
  • Sample temperature
  • Date and time

The new generation of HPE has many new features to offer. 

While the device is taking a hardness value from the specimen, a temperature sensor mounted on the bottom of the device is taking a temperature value.

The device will have an indication of both values as well as the values of the ambient temperature and humidity. Historical measurements can be displayed for the hardness values and date/time when each measurement was taken.

A Large LCD display for reading comfort, USB connection for data transfer and battery recharge, and a patented handgrip for achieving correct measuring angle and amount of force are all standard features on HPE III. 

Size and Weight

Method A

Method D


ISO/IEC 17025 Bareiss became the very first DAkkS calibration laboratory for Shore & IRHD in Germany in 1996.

A DAkkS-Certificate covers the following mechanical properties of a device: 

  • Measuring distance
  • Force
  • Indenter ( geometry)

Scope of application

The HPE was designed for testing on flat-surfaced samples with a thickness of ≥ 6 mm, acc. DIN ISO 48-2.