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    Sterilizing microorganisms with Infrared loop sterilizer

Infrared Loop Sterilizer

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The BactiZapper has an asbestos-free core element that uses infrared heating to produce 815°C (1500°F).

It completely sterilizes microorganisms in 5-7 seconds. The BactiZapper uses well-proven technology to provide instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths, and various metal & borosilicate glass instruments used in quality control and research, The ceramic heating element is safely enclosed in a perforated stainless steel guard chamber, protecting users from accidental contact with extreme temperatures of the core area. It is extremely compact, convenient, and can be used in anaerobic and aerobic chambers.

Technical Data
Max Temperature815°C (1500°F)
Sterilization Time5 to 7 seconds
Chamber Diameter0.55 in. / 14 mm
Chamber Lenght3.94 in. / 100 mm
External Dimensions4 (W) x 6 (D) x 6.5 (H) cm
Electrical Data120V, 60 Hz / 230V, 50/60 Hz*
Weight2.9 lbs / 1.3 kg


Ordering Information
B1000*BactiZapper Micro-Sterilzer
B1000-01Loop holder attachment
B1000-3Slide dryer attachment for 3 slides
* To order an item in 230V, add (-E) to the item number.