• Cleanroom Laundered Knit Wiper

Cleanroom Laundered Knit Wiper

100% Polyester

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Super Polx 1200 is a knife cut cleanroom laundered wiper recommended for ISO Class 4 and above environments composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric.

This combination of properties provides Super Polx 1200 with the high level of cleanliness, abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility required for ISO Class 4 and above environments and applications requiring critical control of contaminants combined with superior performance.


Key Attributes

  • 100% continuous filament polyester knit
  • Knife cut edge
  • Laundered and packaged in Berkshire’s ISO Class 4 cleanroom



  • Low particles, fibers, ions and extractables
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemically compatible with IPA, Acetone and other solvents
  • High sorbency
  • Low endotoxin levels
  • Soft hand and edge for sensitive surfaces



  • Complies with RoHS 2002/05 and REACH requirements



  • Designed for use in ISO Class 4 and higher cleanroom environments
  • Designed for a high level of contamination control in critical processing applications
  • Integrated circuit fabrication areas
  • CD and DVD manufacturing operations
  • Breakdown cleans in fab and suite construction
  • Equipment wrap and wipe downs
  • Stencil and other print roll cleaning applications
  • Steam autoclavable for aseptic applications
  • Cleaning of medical device products
  • Applying and removing cleaning and disinfecting solutions



  • Pre-Wetted Option
    The value pack option provides the same great performance in a more economical bulk packaging format.
  • Value Pack Option
    The same wiper material can be provided in pre-wetted formats for reduced VOC emissions, increased convenience, increased productivity, improved solvent control and cleaning protocol repeatability and reduced costs.
  • Sterile Validated Option
    For aseptic processing areas, the same wiper material can be provided in a gamma irradiated validated sterile to a 10–6 sterility assurance level. Dry and pre-wetted versions available.


Product Number Size Shts/pk Pks/cs Style
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.0404.10 4x4” (10x10cm) 600 10 Value Pack
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.0606.9 6x6” (15x15cm) 300 9 Value Pack
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.0909.8 9x9” (23x23cm) 150 8 Stacked
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.0909B.8 9x9” (23x23cm) 150 8 Value Pack
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.1212.14 12x12” (30x30cm) 75 14 Stacked
Super Polx® 1200 S1200.1212B.14 12x12” (30x30cm) 75 14 Value Pack
Attribute Value Units TestMethod
BasisWeight 151 g/m2 TAPPIT-410
Caliper 521 µm TAPPIT-411
Fibers ≥100µm 0.35 fibers/cm2 IEST-RP.CC004.3,Sec6.1.3/Sec6.2.2
Particles ≥0.5µm 0.22 x103/cm2 IEST-RP.CC004.3,Sec6.1.3/Sec6.2.1
Sorbency Capacity 509 mL/m² IEST-RP.CC004.3, Sec 8.1 modified / Sec 8.2 modified
Efficiency 3.4 mL/g
Rate 1 seconds
Non-VolatileResidue DIWater 0.0045 g/m2 IEST-RP.CC004.3, Sec 7.1.2
IPA 0.0092 g/m2
Ions Na+ 0.17 ppm IEST-RP.CC004.3, Sec 7.2.2
K+ 0.010 ppm
Ca++ 0.053 ppm
Mg++ 0.011 ppm
Cl- 0.39 ppm


  • Technical data represented in this table are typical values at the time of publication. These should not be used as product specifications.
  • Due to differences in test methods applied and equipment utilized by different wiper manufacturers, valid product comparisons may only be obtained through side-by-side testing in the same test facility, under similar conditions
  • Third party testing can be performed upon request