• Nonwoven Cleanroom Wiper

Nonwoven Cleanroom Wiper

  • 100% Cotton

EcoClean is an environmentally friendly wipe that has been designed for ISO Class 5 (Class 100) and above cleanroom applications.

EcoClean is 100% biodegradable and renewable. It is made from 100% natural fiber that contains no binders or additives, and it is manufactured by a proprietary process for low fiber release and high strength. EcoClean 35 can be used in critical pharmaceutical, medical device, and semiconductor applications where absorbency and softness are required.

Key Attributes

  • 100% nonwoven cotton
  • Manufactured by a proprietary process for low fiber release and high strength
  • No binders or other additives
  • Low ionic contamination
  • Quarter folded to fit the hand and promote proper wiping technique



  • Apertured surface aids in particle pick up and entrapment
  • Heat resistant
  • Highly absorbent
  • Soft


  • Light weight, high absorbency design reduces landfill waste impact when compared to more traditional heavier weight products
  • EcoClean® is 100% biodegradable and renewable


  • Designed for use in ISO Class 5 and higher cleanroom environments and USP <797> applications
  • Cleaning high temperature production equipment and diffusion furnaces
  • Absorbent, low linting work surface material
  • Optical
  • Critical industrial applications where absorbency and softness are critical
  • Cleaning of support/less critical areas and manufacturing processes in regulated environments
  • USP <797> - A good upgrade from gauze
  • Steam autoclavable for use in aseptic applications


Product Number Size Shts/pk Pks/cs
EcoClean® 35 ECW35.0505.30 5 x 5” (12.5 x 12.5 cm) 100 30
Attribute   Units Value Test Method
Basis Weight   g/m2 34.4 TAPPI T-410
Caliper   μm 196 TAPPI T-411
Fibers ≥100μm fibers/cm2 43 IEST-RP.CC004.3,
Sec 6.1.3 / Sec 6.2.2
Particles ≥0.5μm x103/cm2 43 IEST-RP.CC004.3,
Sec 6.1.3 / Sec 6.2.1
Sorbency Capacity mL/m2 289 IEST-RP.CC004.3,
Sec 8.1 modified / Sec 8.2 modified
Efficiency mL/g 8.4
Rate seconds 3
Non-Volatile Residue DI Water g/m2 0.016 IEST-RP.CC004.3,
Sec 7.1.2
IPA 0.020
Ions Na+ ppm 49 IEST-RP.CC004.3, Sec 7.2.2
K+ ppm ND
Ca++ ppm 0.24
Mg++ ppm 0.22
Cl- ppm 2.1


  • Technical data represented in this table are typical values at the time of publication. These should not be used as product specifications.
  • Due to differences in test methods applied and equipment utilized by different wiper manufacturers, valid product comparisons may only be obtained through side-by-side testing in the same test facility, under similar conditions
  • Third party testing can be performed upon request