• Dial Reading Viscometers

Dial Reading Viscometers

  • Easy to select speeds
  • Accuracy: ±1.0% of the measuring range
  • Analog display

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The original that became the world standard

Easy–to–Select Speeds

Electronic Drive
means quiet, reliable operation

Analog display

  • Shows % Torque
  • Use Factor Finder to convert reading to centipoise

Simple-to-use, easy setup

2–Year Limited Warranty

Available in
explosion proof
U.L. Class 1, Division 1,
Group D locations
(w/o Electronic Drive)

Accuracy: ±1.0% of range

Repeatability: ±0.2%


What’s Included?
6 spindles (RV/HA/HB) or 4 spindles (LV)
Spindle Guard Leg*
Lab Stand (Model A)
Carrying Case
*Not applicable to HA or HB torque models


Optional Accessories

  • Viscosity Standards
  • RV/HA/HB-1 Spindle
  • Quick Action Lab Stand
  • Temperature Bath
  • Small Sample Adapter
  • UL Adapter
  • Thermosel
  • Spiral Adapter
  • DIN Adapter
  • Quick Connect/Extension Links
  • Vane Spindles
MODELMin.Max.RPMNumber of Increments

† 1 cP achieved with UL Adapter accessory. 15 cP on LV with standard spindles.
†† Minimum viscosity is achieved with optional RV/HA/HB-1 spindle.
M = 1 million cP = Centipoise mPa•s = Millipascal•seconds