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    Carbolite blf 1700 horizontal furnace

Horizontal furnaces

  • Maximum operating temperatures of 1700ºC and 1800ºC.
  • Large diameter heating elements
  • Fast heating and cooling of the sample

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  • Maximum operating temperatures of 1700ºC and 1800ºC.
  • Three chamber sizes are available.
  • Convenient loading of chamber through electrically actuated lift mechanism.
  • Superior sample uniformity is obtained by positioning elements on all sides of hexagon shaped chamber.
  • All standard 1700ºC and 1800ºC BLF furnaces are fitted with 3216P1 programmer and a separate independent over-temperature protection control.
  • Elevator hearth design provides safe and smooth loading and unloading of delicate loads.
  • Fast heating and cooling of the sample is achieved by raising or lowering the sample from the furnace chamber.
  • Long-life molybdenum disilicide heating elements are suitable for intermittent or continuous operation.
  • Advanced high temperature, high strength hot face insulation is combined with graded low thermal mass insulation to improve thermal performance and energy efficiency.
  • A positive break safety switch isolates power to the heating elements when hearth is lowered.
  • The Chamber vent provides for process exhaust.
  • Large diameter heating elements greatly reduce the potential for mechanical breakage.
  • Low temperatures of the outer case and critical components are provided through fan cooling.
  • Molybdenum disilicide element resistance does not change with usage, providing any restriction on the placement of a new element in a circuit with older elements.
  • Optional gas containment cover allows processing under high purity inert atmospheres.
  • Optional protective alumina liner is available for aggressive processes that may harm elements or insulation materials.




1700° & 1800°C Bottom Loading Furnaces
Furnace ModelMax. Temp (°C)Diameter Inches (mm)Length Inches (mm)TC TypeMax Power (Kw)Furnace VoltageExternal Dimensions InchesShipping Weight (lb.)
BLF 17/317006.00 (150)7.50 (190)Type B4.2208/24038.50 (975)21.00 (530)29.50 (750)397
BLF 17/817008.00 (200)10.00 (250)Type B8.2208/240*76.75 (1950)31.50 (800)53.50 (1360)1178
BLF 17/21170013.00 (330)**12.00 (300)Type B12.0208/240*73.00 (1850)33.50 (850)49.25 (1250)1180
BLF 18/318006.00 (150)7.50 (190)Pt 20% Rh/Pt 40% Rh4.8208/24038.50 (975)21.00 (530)29.50 (750)397
BLF 18/818008.00 (200)10.00 (250)Pt 20% Rh/Pt 40% Rh7.0208/240*76.75 (1950)31.50 (800)53.50 (1360)1178
**Edge to edge of hexagon-shaped hearth. Specify voltage at time of order.
*3-phase electrical design.
Continuous operation at or near maximum temperature may impact element, thermocouple and insulation life.