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Digital Tension Meters

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The New CHECK-LINE models ZEF and ZED employ a strain-gauge system for accurately measuring the running line tensions on a wide variety of yarns, fibers and fine wires.

Its trigger-operated roller shifting mechanism makes it easy to acquire the running material. Single-button automatic zero permits operation in any orientation while maintaining highest accuracy.

Model ZEF

  • 0.5 - 100.0g
  • 1 - 200g

Miniature rollers make these models ideal for delicate yarns/fibers and fine wires as well as those applications where access space is limited.

For Spandex and similar materials, specifiy model ZEF-100-T.

Model ZED

  • 1 - 500g

This model is recommended for all other applications where miniaturized rollers are not necessary.


  • Easy-to-read LCD display with auto power off.
  • Simple 2-key operation
  • Powered by two (2) AAA alkaline batteries
  • ZEF V-grooved guide rollers are rated for speeds up to 900m/min or, optionally, 2000m/min.
  • ZED V-grooved guide rollers are rated for speeds up to 200m/min or, optionally, 3500m/min.
  • Supplied in an atractive foam-fitted carrying case.
  • NIST Calibration available

ELZEF100-ZEF Model, Tension range: 0.5-100.0 grams
ELZEF200G-ZEF Model, Tension range: 1-200 grams
ELZED500G-ZED Model, Tension range: 1-500 grams



  1. All models can be calibrated in cN. Replace suffix "G" with suffix "CN". Example: ZED-500-CN
  2. ZEF models are calibrated using a 0.12mm diameter monofilament. ZED models are calibrated using a 0.2mm diameter monofilament.
  3. Custom calibration with customer-supplied samples is optionally available.
Measuring PrincipleStrain Gauge
Accuracy±1% Full Scale, ±1 digit
Outer Roller DistanceZEF: 22mm (c:c)
ZED: 38mm (c:c)
Overrange Readings10% Full Scale
Overrange Protection100% Full Scale
Sensing Roller Deflection0.5mm (maximum)
Display TypeLCD, 10mm height
Display Update Rate0.5 seconds
Natural Frequency250Hz
Auto Zero±20% Full Scale
Battery Type2 pcs., AAA (1.5V)
Battery Life30 hours continuous Use (Approx.)
Roller MaterialsHard-coated Aluminum (standard)
POM Plastic (Optional),specify suffix "-T"
Max Linear Speed
  • ZEF: 900m/min (standard)
    2000m/min (optional),specify suffix "-K"
    450m/min (option "T")
  • ZED: 2000m/min (standard)
    3500m/min (optional),specify suffix "-K"
Operating Temperature50 to 100°F (10 to 45°C)
Housing MaterialHigh-Impact Plastic (POM)
Dimensions6.2x3.3x1.3" (157x85x32mm)
Weight200 grams