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    Textile Thickness Gauge, 4mm foot, 22 kPa

Textile Thickness Gauge, 4mm foot, 22 kPa

ISO-23529 + ASTM D 3767

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ISO-23529 + ASTM D 3767 Textile Thickness Gauge, 4mm foot, 22 kPa

The TMG series of digital material thickness gauges are designed for precision measurement according to ASTM, DIN, EN & ISO norms.

The TMG universal thickness gauges have a simple design and are easy to operate. Simply press the plunger to raise the contact foot and place sample below (lift lever on TMG-3). When you release the plunger the foot will contact the sample with the correct pressure per the respective measuring standard.

Thanks to its modular system, you can adapt the three basic types TMG-1, TMG-2 and TMG-3 to a large number of ASTM, DIN, EN and ISO standards without having to buy several measuring devices.

We have standard setups for the most common materials such as elastomers, textiles, leather, nonwovens, films, films, rubber, fabrics, geomaterials, paper, paper towels, and cardboard. We can also offer customized solutions (inquire).

Only the highest-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the TMG thickness gauge as demonstrated by the laboratory grade granite base, stainless steel column and the highest quality aluminum boom. High-quality materials do not only guarantee longevity, but also high corrosion resistance even when used in high-humidity environments.

List of standards for ready-made configurations:

  • ISO-5084 for textiles
  • ASTM D 1777 Option 2 for textiles
  • ISO-23529 for rubber / elastomers
  • ASTM D3767 for rubber / elastomers
  • DIN EN ISO 12625-3 for waterproofing membranes
  • ASTM D 1777 Option 1 for fiber fabrics, knitwear, knitwear and structural textiles
  • ASTM D 1777 Option 5 for ceilings and pile fabrics
  • ISO 4593 + DIN 53370 for films and films
  • DIN EN ISO 2589 for leather
  • ASTM D 1777 Option 3 for Films and Glass Fibers
  • ASTM D 5199 for geosynthetics
  • DIN EN 534 for paper and cardboard
  • DIN EN ISO 3034 for corrugated board


  • Includes Manufactures Calibration Certificate (ISO Calibration Cert Optional)
  • Precision Granite Base
  • RS-232C and USB Output
  • User Selectable Units (In or MM)
Measuring rangeTMG-1 + TMG-3: 12.5mm
TMG-2: 0.8 / 1.8mm (depending on the resolution)
ResolutionTMG-1 + TMG-3: 0.001mm
TMG-2: Switchable resolution: 0.005mm, 0.001mm and 0.0002mm
(depending on measurement path)
Measuring table∅200 mm x 40 mm made of granite
Column guide 30 mm made of stainless steel
WeightTMG-1 + TMG-2: ca. 7kg
TMG-3: ca. 8kg