• High Capacity Tensile Test Stands

High Capacity Tensile Test Stands

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This affordable, versatile test system is ideal for general production and quality applications fulfilling all but the most rigorous testing needs.

The 99F Series tensile testers combine the full digital controller DriveTouch with the economical 99 series tensile test stand.

This variable speed test stand has up/down/stop motor control, emergency stop, speed dial, and a high speed return.

All the information regarding your tests is reported on the touch screen display: force, deflection, test stand direction, limit switch warnings, test stand speed, and error messages. Designed to be rugged, sturdy, and easy-to-use, this test stand is built to last. Automation and reporting is achieved through the DriveTouch controller included with the system. This touch screen driven unit controls the 99F series test stand for automated testing. This system is ideal to test easily plastic, rubber, fabric, and metal, ceramic, composite...

Just select from our wide line of fixtures for standard tensile testing or install an optional compression cage for testing in compression.

Operate in tension Yes
Operate in compression Optional
Capacity 1000lb, 2000 lb or 4000lb
Travel 30 in
Displacement resolution 0.001 in
Displacement accuracy 0.008 in
Height between table and crosshead 30 in
Minimum speed 0.25 in/min
Maximum speed 10 in/min
Speed resolution 0.1 in/min
Speed accuracy 2%
Workable dimensions 8 x 11 in
Height 82 in
Width 12
Depth 11
Main power supply 110 V / 220 V