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    Automatic Closed-system Asphalt AnalyzerAutomatic Closed-system Asphalt AnalyzerAutomatic Closed-system Asphalt AnalyzerAutomatic Closed-system Asphalt AnalyzerAutomatic Closed-system Asphalt Analyzer

Automatic Closed-system Asphalt Analyzer

ASTM D8159, EN 12697-1

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Automatic Closed-system Asphalt Analyzer

PAVELAB50 PRO is the most advanced system for automatic separation and extraction of bitumen, filler, and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents.

These tests methods are used for quantitative determinations of bitumen in hot-mixed paving mixtures and paving samples for specification acceptance, service evaluation, control and research. They prescribe the solvent or solvents that can be used for the binder extraction and recovery.

The representative bitumen sample can be used to perform other tests such as penetration, softening point, etc.. Aggregates, including filler, are also separated and remain available for sample grading.

PAVELAB50 Automatic Closed-System Asphalt Analyzer consists of:

Machine body : steel sheet, powder coated with epoxy resin. Wheel mounted.

Washing chamber : high quality stainless steel fitted with ultrasonic equipMent, heating system, driving device for the rotation of the washing drum, valves, connections, etc.

Washing drum (separate accessory) : Lined with three layer sinthered, high resistance screening mesh, 0.063 or 0.075 or 0.090 mm opening. This unit includes seating, support and closing ring for the cover. Each model should be fitted with the appropriate cover (see Accessories).

Centrifuge : high speed centrifuge for 120 mm diameter cup, complete with safety switch.

Condenser : Stainless steel tank complete with cooling coil for condensation of solvent vapour during the drying operation.

Forced air circulation pump : for drying aggregate and filler.

Recovery/distillation unit : double chamber, one used as a reservoir. The distillation chamber comprises a base and upper heater providing solvent recovery up to approx. 30 litres/hour, and cooling coils above the chamber incorporated in the cover. Both chambers are fitted with drain valves.

Sampling device for Rotary evaporation : a fast connection for the Rotary evaporator flask for bitumen solution collection is also available. See Accessories 75-PV5X100.

7″ Touchscreen control panel : for controlling and operating the machine.

Balance option : for the accurate measurement of asphalt samples (model 75-PV50A45 only).

Water cooling system : the machines have to be connected to a suitable water cooling system which is not included and have to be ordered separately. See Accessories.

Safety features : The machines stops immediately if a lack of water, electric motor malfunctions etc. are detected and the reason for the stoppage is shown on the control panel display. The doors are locked when the test is running.


  • Fully automatic test cycle:
    • Washing of the asphalt sample (up to 3.5 kg) with solvent and ultrasonic motion, with simultaneous heating and rotation of the drum lined with screening mesh
    • High speed extraction centrifuge for separation of filler from binder solution
    • Condensation of solvent vapour in a stainless steel tank inlcuding cooling coil
    • Automatic recovery of solvent by a continuous distillation process
    • Easy binder recovery for further tests such as penetration, softening point, etc.
    • Fast connection for rotary evaporator flask available as option
    • Extraction time reduced to approx 55 minutes (including drying)
  • No toxic fumes in the laboratory, conforming to latest anti-pollution requirements
  • 7″ touch screen swinging panel
  • Version incorporating a balance for an accurate measurement of asphalt sample (10 Kg ± 0.1 g) also available
  • High extraction capacity: up to 300 g of filter for each extraction
  • Automatic sample drying after extraction
  • Silent operation
Maximum sample size3.5 kg
Centrifuge rotation speedAdjustable up to 8000 rpm
External cup nominal dimensions120 mm x 200 mm h (diameter x height)
Maximum filler capacity approx. 300 g
Extraction time (including drying of aggregate and filler)approx. 55 minutes
Solvent used per extractionapprox. 10 liters (recycled)
Power rating6 kW (excluding water cooling system)
Overall dimensionsapprox. 1400 x 750 x 1500 mm (w x d x h)
Weightapprox. 240 kg


75-PV50A36PAVELAB50 Pro - Automatic Closed-system Asphalt Analyzer for separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents. 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph.
75-PV50A46PAVELAB50 Pro - Automatic Closed-System Asphalt Analyzer for separation and extraction of bitumen, filler and aggregates from asphalt samples by use of solvents. Complete with integrated scale. 220 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph.