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    Gauge Point Fixing Jig

Gauge Point Fixing Jig

  • Controls - 79-PV70524, 79-PV71031, 79-PV71034

AASHTO T342 / TP62, AASHTO T378 / TP79, AASHTO T400 / TP107, NCHRP 9-29

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The innovative AMPT Gauge Point fixing makes it quick and easy to accurately fix gauge points for on-specimen transducers. This eliminates potential errors and saves time.

Clamp and release at the flick of a switch. The pneumatic actuator arms allow you to apply the right clamping force, time after time.

Easy compliance with different international Standards

Included as standard, the Gauge Point fixing jig comes with the ability to quickly change between two, three or four point setting arms at 180 °, 120 ° or 90 ° spacing to allow users to prepare specimens to comply with different international standard requirements.


  • Pneumatically operated
  • Accurate alignment of gauge points every time
  • Specially designed to be used for AMPT sample preparation
  • 180 °, 120 ° or 90 ° apart with 70 mm or 100 mm spacing
  • Easy upgrade to 38, 50 and 75mm small diameter specimens
  • Quickly and easily change between dual, tri or quad arm gluing
  • Optional gauge point setting heads to suit and wide range of test standards
  • Built-in vacuum generator for easy application of membranes


  • Size(H x W x D): 400 x 255 x 255 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Air supply: 350 – 700 kPa (negligible flow)



Dynamic Modulus Quad Gauge Pnt Fixing Jig - Base Jig Assy (Excluding heads). Includes membrane stretcher


Dynamic Modulus Gauge Point Fixing Jig - Setting Head Kit (Hexagonal gauge points) - Set of 3 Heads


Dynamic Modulus Gauge Point Fixing Jig - Setting Head Kit T342/TP62 (Round gauge points) - set of 4Heads